Homeless cats of Montenegro

Here’s some basic information about Montenegro and its homeless cats.

Montenegro is the country which is opposite Italy, across the Adriatic sea. Montenegro used to be a part Yugoslavia, then a part of one country called Serbia and Montenegro. In 2006 Montenegro became an independent state.

Now Montenegro has a dream to enter the European Union. What does it mean for street animals? Well, Montenegro now has to meet some rules, for example, it must build a shelter for street animals in all of its regions.

Right now the situation has progressed to three shelters around the whole country, and all of them are for dogs only.

Although some people here are kind to street animals, try to feed them and do not harm them, there are also those who do the opposite. Sometimes street animals are taken to new homes, but it’s very rare.

Thus, local streets are full of homeless cats and dogs. I have neither power nor skill to care about dogs, but I’m able to provide some help to cats and kittens.

Any money I’ll manage to get from selling Usyaka products will go to help those cats.

Here are some of the local prices:
1) It costs 2,5 euros to feed 10 cats daily.
2) Flea drops cost 7 euros.
3) Basic vet checkup costs 10 euros.
4) Rabies vaccine costs 5 euros.
5) A vaccine against three main cat viruses costs 24 euros.
6) Antibiotic shots to cure an infection usually cost from 17 to 21 euros.
7) It costs 60-80 euros to neuter a female cat.
8) It costs 30-50 euros to fix a male cat.


4 Responses to Homeless cats of Montenegro

  1. Tremendous and inspiring work, Alexandra. Great photos of gorgeous cats, very best wishes in your endeavours, Victoria x

  2. Kavi says:

    Great work Alexandra, pics in top & bottom right squares look like my kitten Tiger :-) My Mum looks after 4 stray dogs & we now have 1 cat & 4 kittens!!

  3. Dianda says:

    That’s great work, Alexandra!

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