Rushing back to blogging

Usyaka the black oriental shorthair cat is running in the ray of light

Pirat the ex street cat running after Usyaka the Oriental cat

Looking for interesting things to post
Usyaka the Oriental black cat checks out a toy

How have you been?

We are fine. Usyaka and Pirate have been busy posing for photos, so hopefully I’ll post more soon.

The situation with homeless cats of Montenegro is the same; something always happens, sometimes it’s ok, sometimes not really, but life goes on, at least for some.

Hopefully, we’ll see you soon.

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Previous life photos

These photos have been waiting to be published for a while. First, they were new, but they gradually became old. I still want to show them, they are fun, they are about Pirate and Usyaka, they remind me that there were the days when the life was different, and when all the horrific reality of homeless cats in Montenegro was efficiently distorted through thick rose-tinted glasses.

It was Pirate’s first Christmas tree this year.
the cat sitting next to christmas tree

He loved it,
Cat munching on a Christmas tree

especially, when it was horizontal.
Cat next to a fallen Christmas tree

Usyaka disapproved,

but Pirate thought it’s fine.
The cat sitting next to a christmas tree that he dropped

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Horrific situation with homeless animals in Montenegro

It’s a sticky post. All newer posts go below this one.

I usually protect your feelings and don’t go into details about the difficulties that homeless cats face here in Montenegro. The situation, though, turned out to be more serious and much worse than I initially hoped. To keep quiet about it would mean to hide a very important truth.

I’ll understand if you opt not to read any further, as it’s a hard reading. I chose to write about it, because I tried many other options and they don’t work.

The general attitude towards homeless animals here is revolting. It’s one thing when they teach their kids to kick cats and spit or piss on them just for fun, calling it “a game”, it’s another when they intentionally kill them. I hoped for a long time that the poisoning of homeless animals was a myth which started from a couple of episodes in the past. Recently I learned it’s a current reality. One of the homeless cats I took care of was intentionally poisoned. They put the poison in the fish. I found both the dead cat and the poison, and it took me four hours of very intensive work to get anybody to at least remove the poison from the street.

Here’s the screenshot of the email that I sent to local newspapers. The email is about the events of that day when I found the cat. Only two newspapers published the story. The articles in Montenegrin language (warning: the articles contain the dead cat photos) are here and here.

No organisation at all wants to deal with such situations. They don’t even bother to remove the poison as fast as possible. It took me four hours to get them do this. Imagine how long it would have taken, if I hadn’t insisted on it.

The vet I talked to told me she regularly deals with the intentional poisoning of animals, but many poisoned animals are simply discarded by street cleaners.

Some citizens understand that the poisoning of animals is wrong, but there are many others who see no problem in it at all. The majority I talked to think the matter isn’t worth dealing with. And all of those people believe there’s nothing that can be done about it.

So, let’s look at the whole situation: there are no shelters for cats at all, the 3-4 shelters there are in the whole country are dog only, and they are in a horrible state with no normal funding and no tolerable conditions for the dogs; no authorities think it’s their responsibility to deal with the poisoning of animals; the majority of people do not try to change the situation.

What do I have left in the midst of this apathy, absurdity and lawlessness?

Well, I have just a wish left, and that’s the wish to inform you, and as much of the world as possible, about what’s going on here.

Nobody knows where Montenegro is? Well, it’s opposite Italy, across the sea, and it’s either Europe or wants to be Europe as it hopes to enter the EU. And homeless animals are poisoned there regularly.

Please, help me spread this information.

I’m also looking for any helpful links on the topic; blogs, organisations, articles, anything. If you have anything on your mind or any comment at all, please, leave it below the post or send them to my email

You can also share your thoughts about this situation on Igor Lukšić’s blog, who is the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Montenegro, and who also happens to blog on wordpress, or, at least, he’s registered on wordpress and blogged until the end of 2011. He’s a talented young politician who was born exactly here, in Bar, Montenegro, and maybe he knows what can be done about the horrific situation with homeless animals in Montenegro.

Thank you!

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Windy Caturday

It’s windy today and it’s cold. The Sun appeared just once only to perform a hasty sunset. Still, some of the homeless cats of Montenegro managed to pose, so here are the results.

Tailless cat Hvostik finished her lunch,
Street tailless cat showing her tongue

so she’s looking for somebody to boss around.
Street cat eating dry food outside

Osen is visiting a place she grew up in.
Cat walking outside

She left that area several months ago just in time to protect herself from the evil cafe owner.
Beautiful cat in the palm trees

I met Osen before I had any plans or ideas about the homeless cats of Montenegro. Pirate was the first one. Osen joined him later that month, which means I’ve known her since July 2012.
Cat portrait

We have a very long and eventful history.
Street cat stretching

I noticed that kitten near a cafe’s kitchen. I try to never show any cat related activities around such places in order not to provoke the personnel. Until recently it seemed I had no stories to tell about that kitten.
Street kitten mews

A couple of nights ago it was really nasty outside, so when I saw him there again, I called him. That’s when a strange thing happened. Just like a typical feral kitten he ran, hiding under cars. What was not typical is that he ran towards me. It was a unique behaviour; feral cats run away or hide and wait to see what I want from them, cats that trust people come close easily without the need to hide under cars. I was surprised when he asked for cuddles, but I think it was when he raised his head that I realised who I was looking at.
Little street kitten hiding on a car wheel

This is the photo I took with my phone (hence the quality) of a homeless kitten I used to take care of in September 2013. When he appeared he was even younger than in that photo. I never thought he’d make it. In fact, I thought he didn’t. I fed him kitten milk and food for a couple of months, made shelters of cut 5 litre bottles (he fitted in comfortably), but then he disappeared.

There were many versions of what might have happened to him, most of which weren’t optimistic. Somehow the version that he simply moved to the opposite side of that complexly constructed building never came up. I’m almost sure that’s the same kitten. And I’m sure not because of his appearance, which I didn’t pay attention to at all when I first saw him near that kitchen, but because of the feeling I had when he looked up, that unexplainable recognition.
picture comparison about the kitten

This is an awesome miracle story which will serve me as a perfect reminder that while bad things happen despite all my effort, good things can happen too, even without the effort.

Previous stories about the homeless cats of Montenegro are:
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Homeless cats stories

More information about the situation with homeless cats in Montenegro is here.

The shop that sells products with photos of Usyaka in order to raise money for homeless cats of Montenegro is here. All money I get from the shop goes to help those cats.

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After holidays

Two cats relaxing near a christmas tree

Usyaka the Oriental Shorthair is sharpening her nose while the cat called Pirate is looking at her

Two cats are near the christmas tree while one is rolling and another one is relaxing

The black Oriental Shorthair is rolling on the post

Usyaka the Oriental Shorthair cat is rolling on her post while Pirate the cat is relaxing and looking at her

Two cats are lying next to a Christmas tree and looking at each other

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Usyaka the black oriental shorthair wrapped in a thick duvet

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Pirate vs Gravitation

Pirate the cat jumping high along the wall

Pirate the cat jumping high along the white wall view from the side

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Caturday time!

Caturday is the time when I blog about homeless cats of Montenegro.

This is Tarzan. I called him that because he can eat and sleep in the trees as naturally as on the ground.
Tarzan the black and white street kitten relaxing in the bushes

He basically grew up under cars, too scared to come out. I would leave food near a car and step away so he could stick his head out and eat. I was able to fish him out there once after about half an hour hunt in the rain, his leg was badly injured so he needed vets’ attention. It’s funny to think about it now when Tarzan literally never lets met go. He has to always touch me; when I walk he tries to grab my shoe, when I sit he crawls up onto my lap. He’ll always find a way to make himself comfortable next to me.
Cat that lives on the streets relaxes on a human foot

Tarzan has a problem with his right eye. I’m treating it with a special cream that vets believe might help.
Street kitten Tarzan walking away from the camera

This is Zeleni, a.k.a Pacman. Zeleni means a green one. Local people gave him this name. Apparently, they think he is green.
Grey cat on a tree closeup portrait

We call him Pacman because unless restrained he eats all food around, kibble after kibble.
Grey cat outside on a tree looking at the camera

Zeleni is not a typical homeless cat, because, in theory, he is not homeless at all. He was born in the streets and spent some time there, but then he was taken to live with a family. In reality, though, he spends all his time with Tarzan and even sleeps on parking lots at night.
Street kitten looking up in the sky from the tree he is sitting in

This is Sauron.
Kitten walking down a dark car with the orange reflection over it

I called her Sauron because of the eye-like pattern that her stripes form on her side. (I haven’t managed to take a proper photo of that yet.) Sauron appeared only a few days ago, at night. I told her to stay where she was, and that if she did I’d take care of the rest. And so she stayed.
Street kitten climbing up the tree

Sauron is still too emotional to simply eat when I bring food. She needs lots of cuddles and reassurance to go with her meal. If I leave too abruptly she calls for me so loudly that all cats in the area turn to the sound trying to figure out what’s going on.

This is Ryzhaya, which means an orange one. She joined us about two months ago.
Orange cat is sitting outside in front of a parked car

She didn’t look too healthy so I took her to vets. They didn’t find anything wrong with her except for the sore throat. She received antibiotics and a hormonal injection to prevent her from going into heat as I can’t neuter her now.
Orange cat walking on the crass near the camera

Khromonozhka, the cat that limps, is watching strangers.
Two street cats outside with one looking carefully at the distance

Models on their lunch break.
Three cats are eating outside on a parking lot

Previous stories about the homeless cats of Montenegro are:
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Homeless cats stories

More information about the situation with homeless cats in Montenegro is here.

The shop that sells products with photos of Usyaka in order to raise money for homeless cats of Montenegro is here. All money I get from the shop goes to help those cats.

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The cat and her shadow

A black and white photo of the Oriental Shorthair cat Usyaka next to her shadow where the cat is looking at the camera

A black and white photo of the cat next to her shadow while she stretching up to get a piece of tinsel stuck to the wall

A black and white photo of the Oriental Shorhair cat next to her shadow while she's stretching her right paw to get a piece of tinsel that is stuck to the wall

A black and white photo of the Oriental Shorthair cat Usyaka next to her shadow while the shadow cat's paw  is up in the air

Artistic photo of the black Oriental Shorhair cat Usyaka next to her shadow with her tail up in purple colors

A creative photo in blue tones of the black Oriental Shorhair cat Usyaka next to her shadow

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Holiday fun

Pirate the cat is stretching next to Usyaka the Oriental Shorthair cat up to get a bit of tinsel glued to the wall

Usyaka’s version of fun.
Usyaka the Oriental Shorthair cat is biting Pirate the cat

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