Cold Rrrrussian winters.

O’K, don’t hurry to call the animal rights organizations or anything like that, I’ll explain everything.

Some time ago we used to live in Russia and yes, it was really cold there (and no, there were no bears on the streets, at least I saw none). The metal construction is, in fact a piece of a central heating equipment. Theoretically it’s supposed to have some other details inside but that’s an old system and by the time Usyaka found the thing it was already empty enough for her to fit inside.

She found it by herself and used it regularly after each meal. I’ve no idea why she’s munching on the construction in the first picture – cleaning her teeth maybe or just being the silly baby she was then. Again, it’s an old photo, so Usyaka is about 1 year old here.

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2 Responses to Cold Rrrrussian winters.

  1. niasunset says:

    She is so lovely… You never know or understand sometimes cats… They can sleep everywhere BUT they have to chose by themselves… I loved these photographs so much… Thank you Alexandra, have you noticed that you have been writing a book of her through your photographs. 🙂 This is so nice and so exciting too. With my love, nia

    • Alexandra says:

      Thank you, Nia 🙂 She’s very funny and cute. Here, in this shot she is also very young and when she was younger she was even more curious and active than she is now ( if that’s even possible, but yes, it certainly was possible :). You are right, it looks like a book and I myself enjoy reading it from time to time. I started taking her pics just because I couldn’t help it, but then I realized how much interesting material I get from this, it accumulates with time and now I’m aware I’m kind of writing a book of her life 🙂
      Thank you again for your comment!

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