In the light.

Having lived with me for more than 3 years Usyaka already knows when to pose and how to do it right.
And in the background you can see our old friend, the Pink Dog.

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15 Responses to In the light.

  1. This shot is absolutely amazing, NIa. The sun coming in. Usyaka with her head tilted up to meet it; the pink dog. The dark of the photo and light of the sun. I seriously love this photo!

  2. Badpanda22 says:

    Great photo, the slanting light is just astonishingly beautiful! 😮 Thanks also for you comment on my photo, Its nice to meet you 🙂

  3. niasunset says:

    This is amazing, like Eygptian cats… I loved this photograph and sure your Usyaka is great!

    Thank you, Have a nice weekend, with my love, nia

    • Alexandra says:

      Nia, thank you so much! I was also very touched to have found my blog in your list of blogs! I also find the information in that list very useful as I’m very new here and I’m very interested in finding new blogs 🙂

  4. lifewith4cats says:


  5. jbcamera says:

    What a great shot! It’s not easy getting good shots of sunbeams. I love your cat – she just oozes personality.

  6. Bella says:

    Magnificent lighting in this shot! Usyaka looks simply regal. She’s a diva and the pink dog seems to be worshipping at her shrine! 🙂

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