The perfect view.

Double cat

Well, now you can admire one Usyaka but in two variants, how cool is that?
I think the way she’s looking directly at the camera using the mirror is rather cool as well.

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20 Responses to The perfect view.

  1. Badpanda22 says:

    What a stunning image! I love cats so much. A long time ago I had an old type siamese cat called chichi, she was the most wonderful cat, so full of personality and life. And even after these meany years I miss her terribly.
    Usyaka is a beautiful 🙂

  2. JosephT says:

    This is an amazing pic. Almost kinda creepy because of the lighting color but really cool!

    • Alexandra says:

      Thank you, Joseph!
      Yeah, I planned it to be creepy and I even had a thought of leaving it till Halloween but then I thought I’d come up with some new creepy shots by then 🙂

  3. Love this photograph! Very well executed! It is kinda creepy, but the cat’s beauty makes me feel safe… but maybe cause I’m a crazy cat lady who owns three cats! 🙂 Or maybe that is part of a cat’s seductive charm. Anyways, great post!

    • Alexandra says:

      Thank you, Polly! Sorry for scaring you but I’m happy Usyaka’s charm took that fear away 🙂 Three cats sounds very exciting – that’s my dream but right now I can’t really let it happen, maybe later. Besides, it was just a few hours ago when I said to myself that I had 25 cats and not just one because Usyaka seemed to be able to appear in 25 places around the place simultaneously 😀

  4. Alexandra,
    Thanks for visiting my blog! Even without the subheading “the oriental cat” it would be impossible to miss what your favorite subject is. The way Usyaka is sitting in this shot gives it an ancient Egyptian look.

    • Alexandra says:

      Thank you for visiting my blog, John! I think, if I remember it correctly, I found yours through Nia’s favourite blogs list.
      The whole subject of this blog is my cat. I’m planning to work on it for a while and then, when I feel like I have enough time I’ll return to building my general photography blog.

  5. Wonder photo! She looks so pretty in this and her gorgeous neck shows so well! The mirror frames her too. Great photo, Alexandra!!

    • Alexandra says:

      Thank you, Katie! 🙂 It was very nice of Usyaka to pose like that specially for the camera as she actually was busy doing other things there – she was watching some pigeons, apparently they are seen better from that point 🙂

  6. Sommer says:

    This shot is gorgeous! It looks like a professional ad pic. very cool.

  7. niasunset says:

    This is amazing photograph. You are both doing great! Fascinated me. Thank you dear Alexandra and Bless her, with my love, nia

  8. lynnwiles says:

    Best cat ever, love the ears and times two is twice as nice.

  9. RedCat430 says:

    Yeah, I agree with the ‘Egyptian look’! This picture is amazing!

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