Looking over the city.

We often take walks together on our balcony. It’s very high. Usyaka doesn’t have any fear of heights so I have that fear for her. I’ll watch her every step very carefully while she’s watching whatever she’s watching there.

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5 Responses to Looking over the city.

  1. Badpanda22 says:


  2. littlemiao says:

    wow, a magnificent view for a magnificent feline!

  3. niasunset says:

    My cat, she is amazing, and she forgets where she is and when she sees a fly or, etc. she wants to follow them… So my cat is crazy! Even at home too! So be careful for your Usyaka too, but yes, Usyaka seems much more cool and clever. Thank you, I loved these photographs too, dear Alexandra, with my love, nia

    • Alexandra says:

      Oh, Nia, I so know what you mean! I know why these photos made you think it’s not safe at all. You are totally right, my cat gets as crazy as your does when she sees a fly. That’s why I never let her out if she is in her playful mood. I also get her back inside immediately if I see she notices a fly or a bird around. The main reason why we go to that balcony at all is because usually, after examining the territory, Usyaka goes to sleep on the sun-bed on the balcony and then I sit next to her and read a book. I know it’s probably silly but I kind of enjoy it when I see how much she enjoys sleeping there.
      Thank you for your kindness to Usyaka 🙂

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