Usyaka in da house.

They say psychologically healthy (human, but that’s irrelevant) beings always change. Their habits change, their preferences also do.

Usyaka never used cat houses before but now she does. Why not? Those are very handy things.

In the house one can take a bath

look at the world upside down

make oneself comfortable


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2 Responses to Usyaka in da house.

  1. niasunset says:

    Oh, she is so lovely, I wanted to touch her and to caress, but I don’t know does she let me to do this? My Princess doesn’t let anyone to touch her, even I can’t touch her easily but yes, except our handsome men in the house, 🙂 my son and my husband, they are her great love. I loved this cat house, and I am glad she liked it. But you know, cats are the only owner in the house, so everywhere belong to them… I can’t make any change about her favurite places in the home. Thank you dear Alexandra, you did great set again, Kisses for Usyaka, with my love, nia

    • Alexandra says:

      Thank you, Nia!
      Well, there are two strong feelings in Usyaka when she meets new people – curiosity and fear. Thus she keeps running to and away from a human having her own dilemmas. Eventually she gets used to people and can be touched or even carried around a bit. When it comes to me or my husband – she is ready to spend all day on our arms, taking tours around the flat, seeing things from above. Most of the times when we touch her, she starts purring and it’s very loud. She is adorable, Nia, it’s true 🙂

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