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Looking for the right angle.

“Human, what’s your human doing under the bed?”   In the search for new angles we ended up organizing the first ever Usyaka’s Online Store. It’s extremely exciting and we’ve been busy making Usyaka’s products. I think these keychains are … Continue reading

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She’s forgotten to disguise herself.

Here she is, sitting like a real human, holding the pose while I’m taking the picture. And back to the cat look.

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Featured blogs on Mondays.

It’s usually quite easy to make Usyaka pose next to certain objects. You just start taking pictures of the objects … and soon Usyaka appears to see what it is that you are taking pictures of.         … Continue reading

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The Big Boss is on the walk.

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One day we saw Usyaka’s online friend Jimmie Chew on Catsparella blog which gave us an idea. So today our beautiful Usyaka was featured on Catsparella’s Caturday post. Yay! It feels fantastic! 🙂

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When November becomes Nanowrimber.

Does it remind you of anything? No? Because I saw these letters all over the blogosphere this month, no matter what search terms I used. As you can see, the letters are not in the right order. Usyaka doesn’t care, … Continue reading

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New toys. Part 2.

Previously on “Usyaka”: New toys. Part 1. Every cat knows that the right way to play with mice is to hide them under different obstacles. Every photographer knows that taking pictures of a black cat next to something black is … Continue reading

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New toys. Part 1.

A new pet shop has been opened in Montenegro raising the total number of shops to about six around the whole country. Yay! 😀 The progress is obvious – the shop has usual toy mice to play with! Lots of … Continue reading

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We’ve got some cozy photos left from our Monday photo session. Here they are.

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Featured blogs on Mondays.

Oh, whose nose is that one to the right? It’s our old friend the Pink Dog ! Although it might look like their relationship is only based on Usyaka making pretzels of the Pink Dog it’s not always so. (We … Continue reading

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