Usyaka and Gopher.

This Gopher is the symbol of Go programming language which was created by Google.

Usyaka has nothing to do with Google (her other human did something good for the programming language so Google sent him this Gopher) but she wants to do a lot with Gopher.

Usyaka examines Gopher

and checks his rolling abilities.

Since this moment Gopher’s future starts looking rather sad but clear.

Gopher now lives in a wardrobe on the top shelf. It doesn’t guarantee him 100 % survival but he has some chances.

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17 Responses to Usyaka and Gopher.

  1. Kind of hard to write code when you’re under a cat. Poor gopher.

  2. IsobelandCat says:

    No wonder he’s looking worried.

  3. sledpress says:

    My Mr. Ferguson developed a lust for several quite lifelike plush kitties that I own and what he did with them cannot be posted on a blog site that children might see. They are now on a high shelf too.

    • Alexandra says:


      Listen, that’s just too funny.
      and gross
      and funny.

      Nope, Usyaka is just playing. I don’t remember the letter for the rating but it’s totally children friendly, or whatever they call it.

  4. Wazeau says:

    ohh those claws on the second picture – wonderful shot.

  5. Poor Gopher! But he is pretty darned ugly. Nice to know there are other ‘destroyer’ felines out there.

    • Alexandra says:

      Maybe he’s just scared but not ugly. It’s hard to look beautiful when you are about to be eaten. Yes, Usyaka is a ‘destroyer’ when it comes to soft toys. The Pink Dog is the only one left alive. Gopher is hiding now.

  6. Mumsy says:

    We were here earlier and commented but just as we clicked to post it our DSL went off so we don’t know if you received the comment or not.

    The 5th picture had us thinking you were loving that gopher and were going to be good buddies but the other pictures told another story. lol Maybe with him being up high he will last a little longer. You did a good job tackling him for sure. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Alexandra says:

      Thank you for returning! It’s the first time we’ve received the comment.
      Well, Usyaka is ready to become good buddies with Gopher, she just thinks he has too many of extra details.

  7. Janet Herring-Sherman says:

    Usyaka must keep you entertained for hours on end! Nothing beats a curious cat. How old is she? Her actions seem quite like those of a young rascal. Thanks for sharing her through your great photos.

    • Alexandra says:

      She 3 years old. We play several times a day and a couple of times a day she has to go crazy and have a race along the ceiling or something like that. She used to be even more active when she was a kitten. I remember calling the breeder and asking her if Usyaka would ever sleep, like normal cats do, and the breeder said she would, but probably not so much.
      I’m constantly entertained, that’s true, and I’m never without her. Even now, while I’m typing she’s sleeping next to/on me. It’s always like that.

  8. Bassas Blog says:

    Gopher is doomed πŸ™‚

  9. Jelena says:

    Poor Gopher. I recognize the behavior! You know, you have Gopher, and we have Tiger.

    Our Albert is killing poor little Tiger over and over again. We got Tiger since Albert’s other human is sponsoring a real baby tiger and we were so happy when it arrived. It is a nice symbol.

    Albert was also happy! A new toy for HIM! Mrrrrauuuuuuuuuu! Search and destroy!

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