Featured blogs on Mondays.

Every day Usyaka travels.

She discovers things

and opens them.

She searches for new places                                                         and revisits the old ones.

She likes to see the world.

People who write http://gallivance.wordpress.com/ blog travel a lot. Actually, they travel all the time. They recently passed not far away from Montenegro, where we now live, and I think they were in Dubrovnik, Croatia, when we were there buying Usyaka’s food.

Right now they are in Italy. There are many photos and stories in their blog, and they are all very interesting.

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13 Responses to Featured blogs on Mondays.

  1. Dianda says:

    She knows how to open things?!

  2. I love these pics! The first one is really awesome.
    Montenegro? I didn’t know you lived there!

  3. Chancy, Mumsy and Crew says:

    It has to be so much fun and exciting living with sweet Usyaka. I think it is so cute the way she opens and inspects things. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. I Love these pictures. She is so great!

  5. littlemiao says:

    Usyaka the explorer! She is so good at opening drawers.

    • Alexandra says:

      Oh she is! She is also good in opening wardrobes and the doors of those things slam so loudly when she lets them go. She pulls a door, lets it go – BANG! And then she repeats it for as long as it’s needed to make me stop answering the comments and pay attention to her.
      It’s still better than when she actually opens the doors. There is the poor Gopher on the top shelf and the hanging clothes make such wonderful ladders.

  6. James Vance says:


    Thanks so much for the link to our blog. We have been visiting your blog since you started following ours, and have really enjoyed it. We don’t have a cat (we travel too much), but we have told all our cat-loving friends about it. Thanks again, and Happy Trails.

    James and Terri Vance

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