Featured blogs on Mondays.

Although moving is similar to traveling, it’ still different.
oriental shorthair is sitting in a case

Moving is about comfortable suitcases, that get warm in the sun.
orientals shorthair black cat is sitting in a case

There are lots of interesting things to try about suitcases.
oriental shorthair black cat is playing with a case

It’s so relaxing, you can sleep in them.
oriental shorthair cat is yawning

Want a close-up?
oriental shorthair cat is yawning

What? It’s not only about suitcases?!
orientals shorthair cat has a surprised face

“Human, I don’t like this thing!”
oriental shorthair black cat investigating her territory

“Human, I mean it! Put it away, it’s making me nervous!”
oriental shorthair black cat near the carrier

It sure does.

Usyaka has a good memory and nothing will make her willingly go inside this thing again. Usyaka has moved places many times, one of which was an international flight. Although the flight itself was not as stressful as we all imagined it would be, we still remember how horrible it was to imagine those things.

That’s why we love this blog http://animalcouriers.wordpress.com/.
They transport animals all the time to many countries. They take photos of the animals, they walk them, talk about them and make it all look so relaxing and even cute. We believe they are doing a great job!

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15 Responses to Featured blogs on Mondays.

  1. Good idea! I flew my HUGE dog and Bengal cat from Chicago to Dublin, it was so hard on the cat! Especially as he was never constrained before, except to walk on a harness.

    • Alexandra says:

      Did your dog fly with the luggage? Poor guy (girl?). How big was the dog?
      Yeah, these things are always so stressful.

      • He was really big, six stone, or about 85 pounds, or 39 kilos. And he didn’t like men! But he was okay, it was the cat also in the luggage hold who pooped on himself and was so unhappy. I had no choices, it cost more to fly the two of them to Ireland than it did to fly me! I have my Italian friend who wants to bring dog and cats over, and I’m sending her the link for these people as they really sound like they care. Very important! Thank you for posting about them 🙂

        • Alexandra says:

          Thank you for counting in kilos 😀 I usually google when people say measures in those other things. But 39 kilos! Oh my! What was his breed? That’s horrible about the cat 😦 How long did it take him to recover after that?
          I’m so happy to hear the link will be useful ! 🙂 Yes, those guys sound great, they do care.

          • Yes, I can understand stone and pounds, but have to convert to kilos! He was a mix breed, mostly Chow Chow and German Shepherd. I miss him a lot. Spot recovered fast, he was so happy to see me and to be out of the cage he didn’t mind the four hour drive to his new house! He smelled terrible for only about a day, he washed himself clean as fast as he could.

  2. Mumsy says:

    Sweet Usyaka it looks like you had a really good nap in the case. We loved all the pictures. The sun shining through your ears is just so cool. We don’t like those transport cases either. We will go check out the website you told about. Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Dianda says:

    What a cute blog! Thanks! 🙂

  4. sledpress says:

    Love the close-ups. Ah, what cheekbones!

  5. Wazeau says:

    That second picture, with that huge sunlit ear balanced by the whiskers, and the reflection behind her on the wall… wonderful.

  6. Bassas Blog says:

    Usyaka has an awesome yawn. Love it!

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