Hunting the green friend.

Sometimes long green flies visit our flat. They do nothing, just sit on walls and get bored. Here Usyaka noticed one.

Don’t worry, no green friends were injured. This one was saved, picked up from the floor and brought out to some sunshine and fresh air.

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19 Responses to Hunting the green friend.

  1. Ha! She’s so gentle! My Siamese is The Mighty Bug Hunter – nothing survives. He will jump straight up five feet to eat a bug on the sliding glass door. I worry when he eats spiders, afraid he’ll get bitten, but there’s no way I can stop him.

    • Alexandra says:

      OMG, you are brave! I can never let her actually catch one. I always pick them up either with paper or cover with a glass, slide the paper under the glass and carry them out.
      She once caught a bumblebee, I actually have a photo of the result, but I think it’s traumatic to look at. To make it short – Usyaka’s triangle head became very round just in a second with her bottom jaw totally disappearing and becoming a united part with the whole neck.
      Here, a horror story before bed 🙂
      So, does Lokii actually eat them? :))

      • If a bee or any flying thing with yellow on it comes in (and I see it) he doesn’t get a chance. But I know most spiders are harmless and only have a little venom. I still keep an eye on him! Yes, chomp chomp chomp – gone in a blink. I bet Ms U doesn’t want to eat bugs after her bee experience!

        • Alexandra says:

          Oh I wish she’d lost her interest after that, but it didn’t influence her a bit. For the most part of the year we have the windows open and we both, Usyaka and I, jump up with just an equal speed when we here the “bzzzz” flying in.

          • I can’t open my windows, no screens! The kids would get out – even on the second floor Spot tries to get out the bathroom window if we forget and leave the window and the door open. Scary. Lokii has no interest in the outside, thankfully. But with the big sliding door, we get lots of insects coming in. Do you have the big flying things they call daddy long legs there? For me those are wingless, but here they fly and Lokii loves to eat them. Yuck.

            • Alexandra says:

              We also have no screens but our windows open in this way, you know, when the top is opened a bit and the bottom remains closed, in a kind of angle way.
              I know those daddy long legs. I was in Scotland the first time I heard the name. So funny:) What do you meant they are wingless for you? We have here spiders that look like those flies, do you mean they are the same but wingless?
              I can’t imagine Lokii eating those things, omg!!!

  2. Dianda says:

    Hahaha! My cats do exactly the same, but they also ‘cackle’ a lot. It’s not really meowing, more like a strange laugh/giggle.
    She’s a great jumper!

    • Alexandra says:

      I know the sounds you are talking about! We call it “barking” and Spiders, I think, calls it “chirping”, if I remember correctly. I’m planning to record it one day too.
      BTW, Dianda, any info on your blog ( in future) about this barking/cackling/chirping? 🙂 I’ve heard they do it only when the prey is unattainable.

  3. Bassas Blog says:

    Very entertaining! I think it may have been a Lacewing. We get them here. I am pleased that you rescued and released it.

    • Alexandra says:

      Oh, Bassa! You are so clever! Indeed it was, I just looked it up in Wiki. Yes, we always rescue them and other insects too. We also have those horribly looking silverfishes but we respect them a lot because they can grow very old ( up to 8 years old). It’s not always easy though, some of them are not careful enough and sleep too close to the floor.

  4. nadbugs says:

    Wow, so neat to see Usyaka in action. I just love how she tried to create a floor under her paw, in midair — and the ones with her on the arm of the chair, head cocked and BIG ears up like flags, really made me smile. You notice I’m not talking about the subject of all that interest. No, I will not talk about that subject. I will not, not at all.

  5. TBM says:

    She can really jump!

  6. IsobelandCat says:

    Very patient! Not Cat would have just leapt for it straightaway, regardless of what was in the way or how he might harm himself. I love the gentle swimming motion with her front paw.

  7. Marilia says:

    Lovely kitteh!

  8. jbcamera says:

    What a gorgeous cat! And so typical of a cat to be into whatever you are doing.

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