Two portraits.

I just love these two portraits.

I love the way the colour of the fur matches the one of the background here and looks almost the same. I find it weird. If you click on the photo and zoom it to the full size you’ll see that the fur is shining with tiny multicoloured sparkles.
a portrait of a black oriental shorthair cat on a multicolored background

I love this one because she looks as if she’s made of hearts here. I see the heart shapes in her nose, her head, her body. Usyaka, the heart-shaped girl.
a portrait of a black oriental shorthair cat on blue background

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14 Responses to Two portraits.

  1. Jack Brewis says:


  2. IsobelandCat says:

    I think you are in love!

  3. fivecats says:

    Excellent portrait work. And, with such a willing model.

  4. robpixaday says:

    Astonishing beauty, delightfully captured!!

  5. toemailer says:

    What an amazing cat!

  6. rumpydog says:

    Heart-shaped….. amazing!

  7. littlemiao says:

    These two are incredible on so many levels.


  8. Bassas Blog says:

    The first picture is very striking. I like the shadows.

  9. Jelena says:

    Very nice photos! I feel the same about our Siamese, especially Albert who is a solid white color; then the heart shapes are even more obvious, like with your Usyaka.

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