Tinseled away.

The holidays are just beginning here and so are our tinsel photo sessions.
a photo of a black oriental shorthair cat near tinsel

As you can imagine it was a hard work full of temptation.
a picture of a cat playing with christmas decoration

a photo of a cat near new year ornaments

a photo of a black oriental cat chewing christmas decoration

Mice, occasionally flying over Usyaka’s head, didn’t help either.
a funny jumping cat

a funny playing cat

We’ve managed, though.
a close-up portrait of a black oriental shorthair cat against a tinseled background

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11 Responses to Tinseled away.

  1. colltales says:

    She’s splendid as usual, Alexandra. I’m not sure you’re aware of this but tinsel has been banned in the U.S. for two reasons: one, economics, and the other, for being a health hazard. You see, the original, now considered vintage (that my in-laws have a box full of) is loaded with lead and as such may represent a poisoning risk for humans and, of course, for Usyaka.
    Then again, I can’t tell by the pics whether the tinsel that appears is the original type or the plastic-based one, used as a substitute (and granted, not as charming, I know).
    But I don’t wanna sound alarmist here. Hope you have a great holiday season up there and I almost envy you for having a double-take of sorts of them to enjoy. Best

    • Alexandra says:

      Hi, Wesley!
      Thank you for your care and attention. Whenever you see photos of Usyaka having anything in her mouth it means I was taking them with one hand, holding another one just above/ near Usyaka to snatch the thing away from her mouth the next second. Thus, there is no way she’d swallow it in my presence and a very little chance she’d take a bite of it without my presence as when I’m not near, she just sleeps without interest to life.
      I’ve heard about the difference between the original and the plastic tinsel, but I didn’t know it was poisonous or banned in some countries.
      Mine looks very much like plastic one, I don’t think it’s even possible to find the original one here, but anyway I’m not going to feed it to Usyaka 🙂
      Thank you one more time, I really appreciate it!

      I hoped you enjoyed your holidays too!

  2. Dianda says:

    Aawe, I didn’t had tinseled this year. Too lazy to hang them around the house. But the pictures are great as usual!

  3. Marilia says:

    You´re magnific cat!!!!!
    I love to come here!!!
    Auntie Marilia

  4. fivecats says:

    Flying mice and tinsel, a good combination for a photo shoot.

  5. littlemiao says:

    she’s beautiful with glittery gold!

  6. drawandshoot says:

    Beautiful light and reflections! 🙂

  7. Msmouse7 says:

    Gee, the gold tinsel matches her eyes; makes for good photos. I feel as if I know your cat because of the marvelous pictures. I’m hoping to get a wedge head Siamese soon. The have a similar body type.

    • Alexandra says:

      Here, I found your comment! I remembered about it but couldn’t get back to it straight away. I really loved the way you’ve put it saying that you feel like you know my cat because of my photos.
      Siamese and Orientals are almost the same, you’ll have lots of fun with your kitten 🙂

  8. TBM says:

    The colors look great with her. Bold and vibrant.

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