stop sopa and pipa

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5 Responses to Stop SOPA & PIPA.

  1. IsobelandCat says:

    I don’t have any representation in Congress, but I have signed the Avaaz petition.

    This week in London, protesters have been cleared from Parliament Square as part of a campaign to make everything nice for the Olympics.
    Nice photo!

    • Alexandra says:

      Thank you, Isobel!

      I didn’t know about the protest in London.

      These two bills are so absurd, sometimes it’s simply hard to believe they’re real. It’s good that people are taking action and expressing their views, it’s really important, priceless.

  2. I could technically use my last zip code in the US to annoy a congressperson, but as it has been six years since I lived there, I stuck with just signing the petition.

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