Cotton sticks.

Although the story of Usyaka’s love towards cotton sticks is a long one and she can operate them pretty well, I never leave her alone with them, as those are potentially dangerous things, so be careful if you decide to amuse your cat with them too.

a funny photo of a black oriental shorthair cat fishing for cotton stick in a jar

A mysterious ritual of sticking things into the nose.
a funny photo of a black oriental shorthair cat holding cotton sticks in her paws and sticking them into her nose

Playing a kangaroo.
two funny photos of a black oriental shorthair cat sitting like a kangaroo and holding cotton sticks in her front paws          two funny photos of a black oriental shorthair cat sitting like a kangaroo and holding cotton sticks in her front paws

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36 Responses to Cotton sticks.

  1. Cee Neuner says:

    My cats love q-tips!! Wonderful photos!

  2. sledpress says:

    Mine too! Nickel Catmium winkles them out of the box they’re kept in (it has a sliding top and I daren’t leave it open even a crack).

  3. They qualify as dangerous in my house, sadly. Lokii eats them, stick and all – even if the stick is plastic. We have to guard the rubbish bin…

    • Alexandra says:

      I have no idea why they eat such dangerous things 😦 Is it not something that should come to animals naturally, like – do not eat plastic, it’s neither tasty not safe.

      • sledpress says:

        I had a cat who ate so much of the kitchen broom that she had to have surgery. We had no idea till the vet fished out what was in her stomach. And two of my cats have been queer for plastic. No one seems able to explain.

        • Alexandra says:

          So, do you mean it took some time for all that broom to accumulate, so to say, in her stomach? That’s one of my biggest fears, Usyaka tries to eat too many things which are not meant to be food at all. I try to keep my flat super clean.

      • Quite a few cats of mine have loved tape, Sellotape or scotch tape, depending on where I lived… Only one had a massive love for photo prints – he’d lick, scratch, chew them! As people that have domesticated animals, we have to be attentive and responsible for things our animals would never come into contact with without us. Wow, I did well there, I’m dead rotten with booze & having a great time talking nonsense elsewhere!

        • Alexandra says:

          I wish I had been here when you felt so talkative, we would have a great chat :))) I was finishing reading “Madame Bovary” instead, depressing and all consuming masterpiece!
          I totally agree with you about the responsibility.
          So he licked even photo prints?! Wow.

          • I don’t think I’ve read ‘Bovary.’ Oops! Put on the list 🙂 I used ‘the big bad word’ on my blog, and barely made any sense at the time. Heh. Yes, my previous Siamese loved photos, this was before digital was so easy & popular. He also ate quite a lot of Christmas tree needles one year, that was scary. My Bengal has to be kept away from tape and little bits of crinkly plastic, and Lokii eats anything that isn’t food. I worry about him!

            • Alexandra says:

              I really don’t know why they do this! Sometimes I’m sure Usyaka does something like that to get my attention. I caught her couple of times when she was pretending she was eating something from the floor and when I jumped up to her there was nothing, I then returned to my computer and she repeated the process over and over again, so that I would jump to her again.
              As for Bovary – it starts slowly and you feel like you know more and you can guess more than the book tells, then it gets equal to what you know and what you can understand and then you suddenly can’t grasp it any more and you already think that it’s too crazy and too desperate and depressing but it gets worse and worse. And then, even after you close the book it keeps playing in your head.
              A miracle, really.
              I hope it wasn’t a spoiler 🙂

          • I Know Spot does ‘bad things’ for attention, so I’m sure Herself could, too!
            That review is the best non-spoiler review, ever! I won’t even read the back of a book or cover of a DVD, I dislike spoilers so much! I will have to read it, I know it is a classic and I forget about them, sometimes. I read Moby Dick last year and was disapointed. For depressing – have you seen Doctor Zhivago? I watched that when I myself was clinically depressed, what a mistake!

            • Alexandra says:

              I’ve wanted to return to this thread for some time 🙂 I’m happy you liked my review 🙂

              No, I haven’t seen it, I think I might have read it as obligatory school reading, which means I annihilated any memory of the book. I might read it again one day.

              That must have been horrible for you, I know what you are talking about. You probably tried to watch something bright and kind after that film.

              I’ve recently finished “Hunger” by Knut Hamsun and this thing is an alive poisonous organism. I’m still searching for some detox to read after it.

              • Now I want to read Hunger! I might like it. I rented Zhivago from the library, mostly based on the fact I’d heard it was good, and it was really long. I thought I’d have hours of distraction, instead I’m left with a permanent image of grey and bleak snow and death and misery.

                You can give me reviews any time!

                • Alexandra says:

                  haha, OK, I will.
                  Now, listen, I was serious about Hunger, they should have a sign next to this book that it’s dangerous.
                  I’m not sure I’ll read Zhivago any time soon, one of the reason is that I had my share of pain from “Hunger”.

  4. And I forgot to say, in the last two pictures her hears look ‘heavy’ – as if they are bending down with their own weight! I know they aren’t, they are just big!

  5. Dianda says:

    Suki loooooooves cotton sticks.

  6. mbavaresco says:

    Sweet sweet kangaroo… lovely!

  7. MsMouse7 says:

    My cat Sunni also loves the cotton swabs. She will open the cupboard to get to them. I had to stash them elsewhere. Silly cats!! Love the kangaroo look.

    • Alexandra says:

      well, not so silly after all if she knows how to open the cupboard 🙂 But their obsession with those things is amazing, it also seems universal.

      • Msmouse7 says:

        Silly cats are smart cats! I have had to put latches on a couple of cupboards to be sure the cats don’t get onto them. A previous cat I had was obsessed with string and ribbon. It was do bad, we finally banned it from the house. All presents had to have ribbon removed because the cat would “know” it was there and attack it. And thread! I had to finally keep my sewing room door closed to keep him out. He would even grab thread on the sewing machine. Silly cats = smart cats!

  8. Wazeau says:

    Evil cotton swabs must die, says both my cats. I have to give them special disposal treatment or they end up in pieces and in cat bellies.

  9. Jenn Ashton says:

    I just love your blog, puts a smile on my face every shot! What a character, what a monkey she is! haha;-)

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