In black.

an artistic black and white photo of a black oriental shorthair cat

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9 Responses to In black.

  1. Amanda says:

    Really beautiful.

  2. ebbtide says:

    if ever there were a goddesss amongst cats, it’s your Usyaka… gorgeous

  3. She’s so elegant, sleek and shiny! I love your photography!

  4. nelemon says:

    Whoa. Greatness. Simply wonderful.

  5. J M Naszady says:


  6. Black velvet. He inspires me.

  7. Bassas Blog says:

    Beautiful photo, like black silk.

  8. Alexandra says:

    Thank you, everybody! I wasn’t at all sure about this photo. There were moments when I thought it was too simple, but I still liked it. I’m happy you liked it too!

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