a black and white artistic photo of a black oriental shorthair cat just before the jump after her toy mouse

As this photo is more about photography than about Usyaka, for those of you who want to see more of Usyaka today, you can have a look at very early posts which you might have missed:

In the light. 

A cat in her flat.

And a funny one: Cats for dummies, Russian edition.

Now, speaking about photography. For a while I’ve been working on a photo book. No, don’t cheer, it hasn’t worked out so far.

Here’s the story.

I received the book and even took some photos to present the book to you.
a photo of a black oriental shorthair cat Usyaka standing in front of her first photo book

Then, voila, the cover started falling apart. support was really helpful and imidiately sent a replacement to me. I was hoping it was a one time defect. The replacement arrived quickly with some of the photos totally ruined at printing.

Right now I’m a proud holder of two spoiled Usyaka’s photo books.

My question to everybody who’s read this far is – have you or any of your friends ever used a photo books site and were happy with the result? If you know such sites please share a link in the comments.

This book WILL be published, I just need to find the right company.

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15 Responses to Photography.

  1. madamesaslow says:

    I just got two photo books from One for my trip to Italy in soft cover and one for my recent wedding in hard cover. I love both of them. Of course, I’ve had them less than a month and haven’t looked through them too often. The process of putting them together (moving pictures and pages around, changing # of photos on pages and # of pages) wasn’t bad once I got the hang of it. Snapfish frequently has coupons for 30% to 50% off. Its worth waiting for one.

  2. I have used Artscow and have been really happy with the results.

  3. It’s so frustrating when you get excited waiting to get your new book that you’ve spent so much time on and it’s not what you expected.
    I’ve used both and Apple for books. I prefer Blurb to Apple because you have more control over the layouts and cover options. Both however have quality paper and binding. If you go with Blurb is worth the bit extra to order the high quality paper. Blurb has an annual contest and you could win $25,000. Blurb also has an option where people can purchase your book and you can make a profit on it.
    I love the picture of Usyaka taken in your lightbox – she’s stunning.
    Good luck!

    • Alexandra says:

      Melanie, thank you so much for your understanding! Yes, it was frustrating in the beginning, but when I received the second copy and realized it was also no good I felt quite excited actually, it meant it was time to move on and look through lots of other new sites and learn something new. Thank you very much for the info about these sites, I really needed it.

      As for that picture, yes I love it too and I’m very thankful to Usyaka for it, she was the one who jumped into the box and just kept staring at the camera, she’s such a treasure 🙂

  4. First time here. Super cute photos. I have used for books with beautiful thick flat pages for my professional work for clients (including dogs and cats:) and we have been very happy. I don’t think they have cheaper soft covers though. I am going to try for that. They are supposed to be good quality but more reasonable. I know someone who used Apple and was happy, but I have not. If you do want to try Adorama, there is an 8×8 hardcover deal going on that is $11.95. Just use the code “believe” at checkout. I thought it would be small, but it didn’t seem small at all. I get all of mine at that size now. Good luck!

    • Alexandra says:

      What a useful, useful comment! Thank you so much for your help! I’ll definitely visit both sites and look at the deal you told me about. The price at was much higher.

  5. mao says:

    She is such a beautiful cat. I hope thing’s work out well for you with your book. She is so photogenic. When I see her photo’s I feel as if she really put’s effort into posing just for the camera like a little model 🙂

    • Alexandra says:

      Thank you, Mao 🙂
      yes, I think she’s posing. We’ve been together for some years and she’s seen that camera in front of her almost every day I’m sure she figured it out that something important and fun for me is going on, when I take photos of her, and she’s willing to cooperate. She’s very understanding.

  6. fivecats says:

    A photo book … I’ve thought about doing one featuring my cats and the cat visitors. You’ll be surprised how many cat photos I have. Fortunately, my cats and the visitors have been very tolerant of the camera.

    Question: Do you also shoot 35 mm film, or are you strictly digital? I do both.

  7. My sister sent me a photo book of my niece for Christmas, it was done at picaboo. I don’t know if they have other options, though – this is small and more like a child’s book. I’m also afraid to open the pages fully as it seems a bit ‘creaky’ when I open it, and I don’t want to damage it. It’s still fun as I’m in the book too!

  8. I used to make a photo book and was quite happy with both the result and the process. The nice thing about shutterfly is they never delete your photos once you’ve uploaded them to their site (unless you do it yourself).

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