More baby photos.

a photo of a young black oriental shorthair cat looking upside down

Reading books
a funny photo of a young oriental shorthair cat reading a book about herself

and sleeping on them.
a funny photo of a young black oriental shorthair cat sleeping among books

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15 Responses to More baby photos.

  1. Woaahh that cat is truly AMAZING ! It looks as though he/she has so much personality!

  2. I sleep quite well with a book, too! I think it looks like she was just about to ‘talk’ to you in the first picture. Does she talk a lot, like a Siamese does?

    • Alexandra says:

      oh, she talks forever. She has lots of different voices, I think you know what I mean, Lokii is probably the same in this. She talks to my husband more, I think she believes I can read her mind anyway, so why bother talking.

      • Dianda said that cats don’t talk to other cats, maybe she knows you’re a cat at heart? I’d love to hear her one day, to see if she sounds like I think she does. Lokii ‘complains’ every time I sneeze – we have to video that!

        • Alexandra says:

          Yes, I want to record her on video one day, the thing is that she knows when she’s being recorded and so she becomes shy and silent even if she was talking just a moment ago. She has different tones. People told me her voice sounds heavier, lower that they expected, but then again, sometimes she speaks with very high notes. If she’s talking just after some sleep her voice is like the one of a smoker.

  3. Wazeau says:

    Oh my lord those ears, just astounding. With the sun shining through and that glint of green and gold in her eyes, she must have been a lovely charmer of a kitten.

    • Alexandra says:

      You know, a bit sad thing is that I didn’t even realize it then that she was just a baby. She was already 5 months old and I thought she was quite a grown-up.

  4. Msmouse7 says:

    I so love your photos of Usyaka. The triangle head just appeals to my core sensibilities, so much that a couple months ago I started looking for a similar look. I finally found a wedge head Siamese that grabbed my heart. She is joining the family next week. So just wanted to say thanks for helping me find that missing piece!

    • Alexandra says:

      Your comment touched me so much. Thank you! I know what you mean and I probably know how feel, I might have felt the similar way when I was looking for Usyaka, when I found her and when I was waiting for the time to get her home.
      It would be exciting to learn more about your kitten, if you ever post about her, please share a link.
      All the best to you all!

  5. Dianda says:

    She is absolutely beautiful! And I love the last picture, how she’s laying there on some books. “If you’re not going to read those books, I can sleep on them”

    • Alexandra says:

      Thanks, Dianda! I think those were taken the first days we were together so she was just getting to know my things better … which then were becoming her things, really 🙂

  6. Jack Brewis says:

    Beautiful! As always.

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