Sunny spot cat.

an abstract photo of a black oriental shorthair cat sitting on the sun spot

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9 Responses to Sunny spot cat.

  1. fivecats says:

    Sitting in the sun nicely warms up the furs.

  2. Really like this: how you can’t really see the pattern on the floor except in the shade, but your eye only goes there after following her tail from section of sun to shade to sun again. She also looks a bit crooked in her stance, which is good – she is clearly watching you watch her.

    • Alexandra says:

      That’s cool that you can see the photo so well, I mean that’s the way I wanted it to look. I saw it on another screen yesterday and it looked much brighter, even her face was quite well seen. The atmosphere and the whole look of the shot was different then.

  3. Bassas Blog says:

    Usyaka’s tail looks like the eye of a needle.

  4. This is such a peaceful and relaxing shot. It makes you just want to sit in the sun with her and feel the warmth.

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