For the sake of black and white.

a black and white photo of a black oriental shorthair cat Usyaka sitting on a zebra coloured cover

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  1. Tom Duhamel says:

    That would be a male black siamese cat of nearly 3 years of age. Tell me how much I’m wrong 🙂

    • Alexandra says:

      Hi, Tom!
      That was not bad at all. It’s a female and she’s 4. I’m also not sure what’s more accurate to call them – oriental shorthair or siamese, as I think siamese are those which are not black but with “masks” and brown paws.
      Still, bravo!
      I usually get different kinds of comments, like “what type of cat is this?”

      • Tom Duhamel says:

        Hi Alexandra

        I definitely hesitated between male or female, I’m not that good at identifying gender for oriental cats as I am for those cats we see more frequently in America. Somehow, I thought her face was more masculine, but I failed. As for her age, I am surprised, even more so now that I’ve check her other pictures. She definitely looks younger. Again, that might be because I am less familiar with oriental cats.

        Technically, you are correct regarding her race. As you may know, the CFA identifies Oriental Shorthair and Siamese as the same race, except for the colors. If they have black (or dark) points (that is, ears, nose, tail and paws) with a distinct color for the rest of the body, the CFA says it’s a Siamese, any other color it’s an Oriental Shorthair. However, as far as I am aware (and I might well be wrong her) black is not even accepted as a color for Oriental Shorthair.

        That said, cat lovers generally don’t care what the CFA says. We identity as Black Siamese any cat who turned out black despite their parents being Siamese (usually even if one of the parents is not a Siamese, but the general features resemble a Siamese). If you don’t know of the parents, I would say it’s an Oriental Cat. It’s yours to decide 🙂

        I do have a cat which I call a black siamese (of the traditional kind, though — please check pictures on Google if you don’t know the difference between traditional and modern siamese — or ask me and I will show you). The CFA would disagree with me, but I know her parents, I know she has *at least* 75% Siamese genes, and she was born with Siamese colors… She just turned completely black by the age of three months.

        Tom 🙂

        • Dianda says:

          So it’s a little bit like the Exotic (Longhair)?
          It’s 100% a Persian, but not entirely, because of it’s parents/ancestors/etc.

        • Alexandra says:

          Hi, Tom!
          Many people told me she looked younger than her age, especially when she was a kitten and almost all people assume that she’s a male, probably because of her facial structure. Who knows, maybe this breed just generally looks more male.

          As for her colour, it’s officially called ebony. All her parents and grandparents and so on were also Oriental Shorthair.

          As for the traditional siamese I think you might be referring to Thai cats, here’s the wiki article:

          • Tom Duhamel says:

            I imagine ebony was a very dark brown, but not quite black. Please pardon me, as guys aren’t good at naming colors 🙂

            Thai = Traditional Siamese. These are synonymous names. Thai is the name accepted by CFA, but is historically incorrect in my opinion. The Traditional Siamese was the original Siamese. Modern Siamese (which the CFA calls just Siamese) is a breed developed over the last century or so by crossings made to obtain certain features.

  2. Marilia says:


  3. Bassas Blog says:

    Black and white is a beautiful medium for Usyaka.

  4. Alexandra, this photo is simply stunning!

  5. Stargaze says:

    Oh, this is so beautiful! I love the bold patterns and how the monochrome makes everything look so elegant and mysterious 😉

  6. She’s swimming in a sea of black and white…but why does my brain insist I can see green in her eyes?

  7. Love this picture! Thanks for visiting my blog.

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