Important look.

a portrait of a black oriental shorthair cat looking serious and important

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14 Responses to Important look.

  1. Ian Spagnolo says:

    Really like this shot! 🙂

  2. littlemiao says:

    Her eyes are glowing! Everything about her is perfection.

  3. Wazeau says:

    She looks amazingly panther-ish in this photo. Lovely.

  4. Simply stunning! Gorgeous!

  5. Erin Gibson says:

    any idea on breed? he looks rather unique

  6. Bassas Blog says:

    I like this a lot!

  7. wow! your cat is absolutely gorgeous! great photo!

  8. simapolosataya says:

    Боже! Ну какая же она красавица!! Александра, а на какой фотоаппарат Вы снимаете? Потрясающие снимки!

  9. Stargaze says:

    I love how capture the texture of her skin, it makes Usyaka look like a queen! 😀

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