The sphinx is watching a mouse.

a photo of a black oriental shorthair cat close-up

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9 Responses to The sphinx is watching a mouse.

  1. knudsens says:

    Cool and a bit creepy.

  2. Melynn Allen says:

    Love this photo!

  3. AJ Melzer says:

    Oh my, this is such a gorgeous picture. And such a gorgeous cat!

    As I don’t see any direct copyright information, would you mind terribly if I used this image to represent a character on a roleplaying site? Nothing official, no profit made, just casual writing between teenagers on the internet – I wouldn’t want to just take it without asking your permission first. :O

  4. How terribly rude of me, I have been using this photo as a user picture on various web sites without knowing its source. May I continue to use it, and may I also know the name of this cat, if you know it?

    • Alexandra says:

      It’s ok Chris, no problem. Sure, you can continue to use the picture.
      This is my cat, she is an Oriental Shorthair. Her full name is Ultra Lanta Jungle, but we call her Usyaka.

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