Experiments again.

I turned the camera into a microscope again.
a microscope photo of a black oriental shorthair cat's eye

In case you want to know how I did this – I took my 50mm lens off my camera and held it the opposite side to the body of the camera. If you want to do the same, make sure no dust is getting inside the body of the camera. It’s also quite hard to focus, as you can focus only by getting closer or further away from the object, and any slightest movement is felt by the camera.

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12 Responses to Experiments again.

  1. Talent in you, and a good camera, and one kitty that is used to a camera pointed at her! Three things that don’t come together often. Yay!

    • Alexandra says:

      hey 🙂 thank you for your kind words, it’s so sweet 🙂

      • Hi! I’ve been missing our chats 🙂 My hubby is in love with your camera and your talent, he always seems to know when people ‘muck about’ with pictures and he never has a negative comment about your work!

        • Alexandra says:

          I’ve been missing them too!
          My camera is a dinosaur 😀

          Thank you both! I already understood that a positive comment from your hubby about my work means A LOT. He is a serious judge and I feel very proud now.

          How is his photography? I saw those photos from the celebration, it’s really impressive. I hope he’ll keep taking photos, he’s got his personal style already 🙂

          • You probably know better than I that when you tag a post as ‘photography’ other bloggers just like like like even if they really don’t care, just so they can get followers! I show these to the hubby and he gives good criticism – but he always loves the pics of yours I show him. He does have style, but like me, his brain goes so many directions it is hard to pick one thing and concentrate! I did pick his best shots, except for one of a child that was really good, and one of a friend driving a tractor 🙂

  2. KrisDragun says:

    That’s such a cool trick! I’ll have to try that with my lens! I love the way the yellow in the eye pops out.

  3. Dianda says:

    Beautiful! But you know I find all your photo’s beautiful. Usyaka is just gorgeous, and you seem to catch her beauty on camera just fine! 🙂

  4. Bassas Blog says:

    It reminds me of a crocodile eye!

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