Usyaka near the window.

Trying to get the “Real leather” thing.
a funny photo of a black oriental shorthair cat trying to get her toy hanging on the window, behind which there is a view of a city

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8 Responses to Usyaka near the window.

  1. Ian Rastall says:

    This is a beautiful picture. I admire all the pictures you take of Usyaka. I look forward to seeing them in my email every day. Hope you’re well.

  2. C. Miley says:

    Beautiful shot of Uskaya and what a view from your window. Post card perfect!

  3. C. Miley says:

    Oops; Didn’t mean to mispell Usyaka. Also can see that Mr.Tortoise still has a smile on his face!

    • Alexandra says:

      haha :)) I didn’t even notice it until you mentioned it! It’s OK 🙂
      Yes, the smile is still there, surprisingly. I mean, the Pink Dog has lost its teeth, but Mr. Tortoise still has his smile on. As for the view – you are totally right, it does look like a postcard to me too. In fact, the whole country here looks like one huge postcard 🙂

  4. Marilia says:

    This photo is wonderful!

  5. simapolosataya says:

    а какой прелестный вид за окном!:)

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