A levitating cat.

a closeup photo of a black oriental shorthair cat taken while she was jumping sideways after a toy so it looks like she's levitating

a closeup photo of a black oriental shorthair cat taken while she was turning around in the air to jump after a toy so it looks like she's levitating

a closeup photo of a black oriental shorthair cat taken while she was jumping up after a toy so it looks like she's levitating

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32 Responses to A levitating cat.

  1. Love the first one! She’s not all wild-eyed like my boys get when they play, so she really does look (except for the claws!) as if she is levitating calmly!

  2. Wow! Your camera must be super fast to catch a clear shot like that.

  3. lahgitana says:

    and then there are those claws! pointy! beautiful pics, Alexandra! how about an enlargement of one of those feet, toes and claws stretched?!

    • Alexandra says:

      Thank you!

      Do you mean closeup shots of her feet?

      • lahgitana says:

        oh yes, if you can do that! She moves so fast (and floats so high!) that I assumed you’d have to enlarge a photo, but closeups would be great! Her toes are spread so wide she could catch a wave!

        • Alexandra says:

          Haha :)) Challenge accepted!

          Cropping files and leaving her feet only would be an easier task of course. These files are not of that good quality, although the last one is all right more or less. You know that you can press on a photo in my blogs and get a bigger version, don’t you? Just in case, you want to change a photo yourself or save it on your computer.

          • lahgitana says:

            I have to laugh at myself–I DO enlarge your photos, but for some strange reason, I thought of an enlarged cropped photo as being the only solution!

            Looking forward to Usya’s toes!

            • Alexandra says:

              Do you want those toes in a jump? I’m not sure I’ll be able to take a photo like that, but I’ll try. As I said – challenge accepted.
              As for the toes not in a jump – I have gazillions of those! 😀

  4. mbavaresco says:

    Amazing photos as always!

  5. fivecats says:

    Those are superb action shots.

  6. animalartist says:

    I like the first one–it looks as if she’s in a science fiction movie!

  7. colltales says:

    Fantastic pics. At this point, you do know that you have an incredible show in your hands, right? It’s been a year? Whatever frame/theme you may choose, time, the girl herself or something else entirely, you already have the most important: quality content (and I usually hate to use this word in this kind of context). I’d have the hardest time, though, just choosing the best shots. Great work all around, Alexandra. W.

    • Alexandra says:

      Thank you, Wesley! I enjoyed your comment so much 🙂 It’s great to know that you think these photos are that good.
      It hasn’t been a year yet. The blog was started in the end of September 2011.

  8. Kimberly Helgeson says:

    Absolutely beautiful shots!

  9. sledpress says:

    Never mind the fast camera, how can anyone snap so many shots just at the right moment? I’d still be trying to focus. Air kitty!

    • Alexandra says:

      Sledpress, I felt so proud reading your comment! :)) Still very proud… very 🙂 It’s a pleasant feeling.

      Well, if you look closely you’ll see they are not perfectly focused, it’s hard to focus on the face when she jumps like that. As for snapping the shots – the trick is to know her habits. When I know she’s about to jump, just half a second before the actual jump, I press the button and thus I catch the right moment.

  10. Miss Kitty Roads says:

    Beautiful action shots!

  11. Mb Whitcomb says:

    More of the world needs to see these, the elegant cat (so maybe we can get more bred), and the photoghaphic skills are both unmatched. The love affair is so apparant, and the fact that you share gives me a much needed daily lift!

  12. Dianda says:

    “Hover cat”!

  13. Bassas Blog says:

    Amazing shots! Some of the best I’ve seen of Usyaka.

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