A weird spherical thing is in the car.

Usyaka gets it out
a colorful photo of an oriental cat getting her paw inside a toy car

and looks for mice.
a colorful photo of an oriental cat getting a ball out of a toy car and searching for other toys inside

There aren’t any. Bad luck for Mr. Spherical.
a photo of a black oriental shorthair cat who didn't find the toys she was looking for inside the toy car and is about to play with the ball she found first

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9 Responses to A weird spherical thing is in the car.

  1. Every single time I try to “like” the post, it refreshes the page. Weird glitch, maybe?

  2. jimmie chew says:

    did you turn off the ‘like’ ?
    anyway, we “like”

  3. Alexandra says:

    I’m sorry, guys, I guess the issue with the “like” button is another surprise present from my “beloved” wordpress team. Thanks for letting me know. The fact that you like photos, no matter what way you show it, or if you show it at all, is very important to me. It inspires me to take more and more pictures!

    As for the issue, I might post on wordpress forums to ask about their new bug on my blog, but I’m not sure how helpful exactly it could be.

    I’m sorry, I wish you could just click this button whenever you want. I can still see it, BTW.

  4. Alexandra says:

    Here we are http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/like-button-not-appearing?replies=14

    And I saw Becomingcliche posting there which felt like meeting an old friend in a crowd! 😀

    They are changing things again so that’s why it currently isn’t working.

    I wonder, how many of my readers will follow me to another blog if I ever leave? 😉

  5. sledpress says:


  6. Awanthi Vardaraj says:

    She is gorgeous!

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