Usyaka almost in the wild.

a closeup portrait of a black oriental shorthair cat near some grass looking somewhere else

Posing near the grass that Jimmie Chew sent her 🙂
a closeup portrait of a black oriental shorthair cat near some grass looking at the camera

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16 Responses to Usyaka almost in the wild.

  1. What a classic cat expression. “You DARE to take my picture, human?” Great shot.

  2. “I’m in the jungle! You can’t see me! I am super-camouflaged. Watch out, human ankles!”

  3. instillari says:

    This is your cat? Look at those ears! Cute shot.

  4. Dianda says:

    Is that Cat Grass? That somehow never survives in my place. 😮

    • Alexandra says:

      Well, it’s good if it doesn’t, I guess 🙂 Yes, it’s a special grass, which we grew from the special seeds that Jimmie Chew sent us 😀

  5. sledpress says:

    I bought a pot of cat-grass at the vendors’ stall last week. (Around here there are several parking lots where people set up plant markets in the spring, and then in the summer they’re rented out by people who sell fireworks for Independence Day, and so on.) It was quite vigorous and about seven inches tall, proudly labeled “Chef Jeff’s Special Cat Grass,” whoever he is. About two hours after I put it out Fergie marched quite deliberately into the middle of the rug in front of company, embarked on a series of violent and noisy convulsions, and vomited a fistful of it onto the ivory background. Today about two inches are left in the pot. I am really scared to look into corners.

    If only my cats made such stylish use of the stuff as Usyaka does.

    • Alexandra says:

      You know, I always thought that’s the idea of this grass – it helps cats clean their tummies exactly in this way. But maybe I’m wrong.
      Usyaka wasn’t interested in eating it at all. Whenever I offered her some she looked at me the same way I’d look if I was offered to eat some grass.
      I think she thought I went nuts because I was offering this to her 😀

      So, how was Fergie after the grass feast?

      • sledpress says:

        Ooops, I see I dropped the ball here!

        And in a word.. Mr. Ferguson was fine, but the poor pot of cat grass is DEMOLISHED. I guess I should know better than to plant it!

        Everyone wanted some but Fergie ate the most. He only puked once though.

        • Alexandra says:

          Wow, sounds like it was good for him! This grass is meant to be eaten, but honestly, we liked ours so much, almost like a new pet, that I was kind of happy Usyaka refused to eat it 😀

  6. Marilia says:

    Hi sweetie!
    Have a great week!!!!

  7. awwww…a woman of the night….and jungle…and…ahhh..what ever…just impressive

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