And here we are!

In the heart of light.
a cat sitting in the spot of light on her post

So, how have you been?
a cat sitting in the spot of light on her post and looking at the camera

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26 Responses to And here we are!

  1. lahgitana says:

    SO happy to have you back! Hi Usya! Hi Alexandra! Has the heat abated at all?!

    • Alexandra says:

      Hi, Laurel! How are you? I’m happy to see you too 🙂 The heat gave us about a week of timeout, but it’s now with us full power again. 🙂
      We managed to take several photos, hoping to show them here these days.

      • lahgitana says:

        Oh gee, the heat is back?! We’re quite chilly here for summer–about 18C–but later this week we’re supposed to get summer weather–about 27C! Too hot for me! And I can’t believe the bat-eared one is sleeping next to you! Agggggh! They never are warm enough, are they, those cats?!

        • Alexandra says:

          No, she never is. She seems to think the warmer the better 🙂 Although, even Usyaka prefers the shade these days.

          I wouldn’t mind to experience +18C, but only for 15 minutes or so :)) Maybe I should crawl inside my fridge?

          27C is quite hot, you are right. It also depends on the air, I noticed. The previous heat wave we also had a very humid air. You couldn’t see the sky – everything was in the salt steam that was coming up from the sea. That was hard. Now we have +35 almost all the time, but the air is clearer, much easier to breathe.

  2. Hi there! I’ll take some of your heat, if you don’t need it! How are YOU doin’? 😀

    • Alexandra says:

      Oh, please, help yourself! We’d be happy to share! 😀 You know, some days ago it was +24C at night and my teeth were chattering! Although, theoretically, I know it’s not cold, my body had its own opinion.

      We are great, thank you! Usyaka is lazier than usual, but still demands her play time, it just happens mainly after sunset. She sleeps everywhere and the most amazing thing is she still tries to lean against me while sleeping! O_O at this heat! can you imagine it?

      • I don’t have to imagine it! Lokii still sleeps under TWO quilts during the day and with us at night, even for the week that was warm. Spot, not being oriental at all, has completely abandoned us at night. I miss him!

        • Alexandra says:

          I thought they sleep together! Don’t they? 🙂

          • Not at night! When we humans get horizontal at night, Lokii sleeps with my hubby and Spottie with me. Sometimes both on me, but rarely both on him. During the day yes, they usually are doing that disgusting kitty-love thing that is so irresistible to photograph 🙂
            They are doing it now…
            And if we are on the couch together? I get alllllll the kitties in the world, as hubby says!

            • Alexandra says:

              I don’t think I want to imagine what disgusting kitty-love thing you were referring too… I probably saw it once in your blog 😀

              Interesting how they decided who to sleep with 🙂

              • Not THAT kind of kitty-love! They haven’t done that in a while actually. No, I just meant when they curl up together and sleep and it is so damn cute it gives you a tooth-ache 🙂 Yeah I think it’s funny too how they decide to sleep at night, why Lokii likes him more than me is a bafflement especially as I get hot when I sleep! I guess I toss and turn too much. Spot puts up with it as I’ve been his sleeping companion his entire life, he knows nothing else 🙂 Today, I woke up on my back with Spot partly on my pillow, partly on my left shoulder, and I had my arm curled around him. I was really thirsty and could barely drink my water as I couldn’t lift my shoulders 🙂

  3. Wazeau says:

    Gorgeous panther shots. I wish I could get someone to take away our heat as well!

  4. marianwhit says:

    Sigh….always give me a thrill to see her.

  5. C. Miley says:

    Beautiful, precious Usyaka… Thank you Alexandra, for sharing her with us all.

  6. Dianda says:

    You’re back! I was just thinking about you a few days ago. Wondering why there weren’t new posts yet! Good to have you back!
    Things are doing alright here, ups and downs. You know how life is. 🙂
    What about you?

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