Hello, everybody! How have you been?
We are still here, still taking pictures, still helping street cats, still blogging, although not that often these days.

The biggest news is the project that was launched by Victoria from Neo Watercolour blog. You probably remember her awesome painting of Usyaka. Well, she’s now selling postcards, bookmarks and even banners with this painting on, to raise money for feral cats of Montenegro.

I don’t have enough words to thank her for what she’s doing. Her actions are one of the biggest lessons of kindness I’ve ever learnt.

Thank you, Victoria, really very much!

a photo of cats' paws stretching towards a red rubber heart

As for photos of Usyaka – while I was composing a post with crazy Usyaka playing with toys, I thought I’d show you the way the colour of her eyes changes, depending on the background or reflector used for a shot.
Her eyes can be yellow because of the yellow bed cover,
a photo of a black oriental shorthair cat playing on a yellow background which makes her eyes yellow

green because of the green tunnel she’s playing next to,
a photo of a black oriental shorthair cat sitting next to a green toy tunnel which makes her eyes green

blue because of the blue plastic bag she’s lying on.
a photo of a black oriental shorthair cat lying on a blue plastic bag which makes her eyes blue

I used a photo from the same photo shoot to compose a new journal. If you click the photo it will take you to the store.
a cafepress journal with a photo of a black oriental shorthair cat on

Most of the money paid for Usyaka’s products go to cafepress (the site where Usyaka’s store is hosted), but any money I get from the sales go to help feral cats of Montenegro.

I’ve added a page with some basic information about feral cats of Montenegro. Click here to have a look.

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12 Responses to News.

  1. Dianda says:

    Wow, Victoria is doing a great job!
    You are as well!
    Glad to see a new post. I was wondering about you today and yesterday, how you and Usyaka (and the feral kitties) were doing. 🙂

  2. lahgitana says:

    Happy to see you back, Alexandra! And Usyaka — always a joy to see her in her many guises! That first photo with the claws to the heart is quite evocative! aggggghhh! (Probably no Google translate for that word–it’s like “Egad” only stronger!)

    I agree–Victoria is the cat’s pyjamas! >:-D LOVE her painting! How’d she DO that so well?!

    If you were wondering about moving your store to a “more money for the feral cats” method, please ask us for help. I don’t know much except for PayPal, which I use for overseas purchases all the time. ??

    LOTS of folks here in blogworld know all about this stuff and I say let’s pick their brains!!! >:-D

    Take good care and remember how much support I’ve gotten in the last MANY months just by being here. Quite amazing, this community. We are here….

    Best, Laurel

    • Alexandra says:

      Laurel, thank you so much! You are so kind! I saw your post where you attached the map to show where Montenegro is – it almost made me cry 🙂 You did a great job! I can feel your support. Thank you!

      Victoria’s painting is an artwork. I know many people who saw it and instantly smiled. Real art always conveys emotions.

      I do need to find a way to raise money for the cats so it would me “more for the cats”. I’m looking into it now.

      BTW, PayPal doesn’t work here 😦 Can you imagine? We are in Europe but sometimes it feels like we are on another planet.

      I didn’t know that “egad” word! It’s fun 🙂

      • lahgitana says:

        I never saw your reply here, Alexandra! (Issues with WP again, but I should have gone searching!).

        You know that your Usyaka moves me–your photos capture emotion–more art to which you refer!

        I know by now you know that I am working in the background trying to find ways to have more money go to the cats and less to a hosting organization like CafePress. They certainly have their place…. but….!!

        Glad I could give you more idiomatic English! >:-D I’m pretty sure “egad” comes from “oh god”, but I haven’t ever looked it up. And “aggggggh”–sounds just like a noise we make when we’ve been affected by something strongly! Comes from the gut, for sure!

  3. jimmie chew says:

    nice to see you are all doing well, Usyka looks great!!!

  4. colltales says:

    Great to have you ‘back.’ You two don’t ever leave us. Keep up with stray rescue work too. All the best.

  5. Wazeau says:

    Wonderful eye photos! and I love Victoria’s version of Usyaka.

  6. David says:

    Much continued success in your efforts to support feral cats. (Good to see you back to blogging.)

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