The Art of Cat Photography.

One day I sat down to write all I could say about the art of taking cat photos. It turned out I could say quite a lot. I started with classic rules, then wrote about specifics of taking cat photos. I explained how a camera works — what happens when you press the button — in a simple way (because nobody likes reading a tedious manual in the middle of an exciting task). I described the ways to create something really special out of simple things by using right moments and prompts. I composed some tasks to help practice the theory. Finally, I illustrated every single idea I wrote about with photos of Usyaka.

When I was done, I knew I’d written a good book. It had all a person interested in the topic would love to read. I wish I had found a book like this years ago, in fact, I’d be glad to read something like this now, but I found nothing similar.

So, here is the ebook called The Art of Cat Photography. Browse through the site, read the description of the book, have a look at snapshots so you can imagine better what the book is like. To open the site, click the photo:

A snapshot of the book on art of cat photography

That is what I wanted to share with you today. Thank you! 🙂

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20 Responses to The Art of Cat Photography.

  1. ruthrawls says:


  2. colltales says:

    I can’t think of anyone else better prepared to write this book. Congratulations. Wesley

  3. victoria says:

    Awesome book, Alexandra (or is it Usyaka’s book ? :-))) Usyaka looks beautiful, if I can learn to take stunning photos of my own cat, I will be happy 😉 I’m reading it now as I eat my breakfast, have a great day 🙂 xx

    • Alexandra says:

      Usyaka and I both worked on it, so it’s our book. Thank you, Victoria! I’m excited to know you are reading the book right now 😀
      Have a great day too!

  4. haha… I guess we are at a time in the world when taking pictures of cats becomes a kind of ‘hobby’ haha~

  5. sledpress says:

    Putting a book together is no small project. Congratulations. Are you going to make it available as a print book too? I’m a big fan of the online self publishing site.

    • Alexandra says:

      Thank you!

      I’m afraid I can’t make a print version now, but maybe later. I tried lulu one day for another project, but I wasn’t lucky with them. The quality was really low. I sent them a photo of the faults the book had, they agreed that it looked bad and sent me another copy, which was also bad. They again, agreed, it didn’t look well and offered to send me a third copy, but I just asked for a refund. Where are your books usually printed? As I understood, lulu has many offices around the world. Those books came to me from Belgium.

      • sledpress says:

        Well, that’s dispiriting news! I have only done one book with lulu and it has no illustrations — it was a Valentine present for my boy friend, a clean copy of his satire on Homer’s Iliad (just the sort of thing an Engineer does for fun, right?). The only graphics were the cover, which was perfect.
        My own silly novels went through a costlier print on demand publisher that I’ve decided not to use again, and I did that book for the guy as a test run. But Donna Barr, who is an illustrator and “drawn book novelist,” was my referral to Lulu and I’ve always thought the books they brought out for her were well done. She’s in the Northwest US, so I’m sure an entirely different printing plant was involved.

        Fie. I’d hope the quality would be consistent but apparently not.

        I asked because my eyes get really murdered trying to read books on line, but if it is the only way I can, I will! I may need to get a tablet sometime soon so I can position it as I would a book, to take off the strain.

        • Alexandra says:

          I always knew you are an interesting person! 🙂 That story about the satire book is also special. But how did it happen? Did he just choose to write a satire on something and picked up Iliad, or he liked Iliad so much that he wanted to write a satire on it?

          Do you know that amazon now has self-publishing option?

          Seems like, Donna Barr is happy with the quality because she uses a totally different lulu. No, mine came really bad, like as if somebody was moving the paper while book was being printed. It means, it’s a lottery then, a quality of a print book would depend on a place it was ordered in.

          I understand you about preferring paper books. I might be able to publish a paper variant in the future, but now nothing is ready for it.

          • I would echo Sledpress’ request for a paper book (in the future !) looking at any screen, even a tv, gives me bad vertigo after a short time, so e-books take me forever to read (ones with pictures are easier).
            I have a friend who is trying the Amazon Createspace, which I think has only been available in UK/Europe for a few months – and the results will be interesting to see.

            I’ve looked into on-line self-publishing for my artwork, and (being a techno-phobe) found a useful site which has loads of easy to follow advice and free support/downloads, at run by Shelley, which also recommends Createspace. Her resources definitely gave me a lot of help and food for thought.

            Either way, Alexandra, I’m loving your e-book, the photos of Usyaka are an inspiration and your advice, experience and guidance are already improving my photographs 🙂

            • Alexandra says:

              I’m so sorry, Victoria, that you have this unpleasant sensation while reading the book. I wish, I could publish the paper variant right now. I’ll do it as soon as possible. But as I said, nothing is ready for it now. 😦

              Thank you for the link! It’s really useful.

              I’m so happy to know that you like the book! 😀

  6. Dianda says:

    Ooooh! That looks really good! I love e-books!

  7. nadbugs says:

    Spectacular! You are awesome. I hope you do really well with this beautiful project.

  8. lahgitana says:

    How wonderfully perfect that Usyaka has her own book! So very pleased for you Alexandra! (Having spent years and years in the publications business, I *know* how much work went into this project.)


    • Alexandra says:

      Oh thank you for your comment, Laurel. It was a lot of work, indeed. I’m so happy with the result, which includes both: the result itself and the feeling of having the result. If that makes sense 😀

  9. David says:

    Much success with your book.

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