Not an “aww” moment.

Usyaka the black Orientals Shorthair cat looks like she's about to lick Pirate's ear

Usyaka is biting Pirate's the ex street cat ear off

Usyaka the Oriental Shorthair cat is trying to bite Pirate's ear off while trying is catching his ear with his paw

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15 Responses to Not an “aww” moment.

  1. He he he – what a naughty little princess 😉

    • Alexandra says:

      She is! And she always aims for the ears! I guess she finds them less furry so she can actually bite all the way to the skin, unlike other places where he’s just to fluffy 🙂

  2. Saajida says:

    so sweet!

  3. sledpress says:

    He doesn’t look too bothered about it.

    • Alexandra says:

      Nope, he doesn’t. He’s so tolerant and patient with her, which is surprising because he is quite emotional. Like, for example, if Usyaka chases him, he’d scream about it to the whole world. But he never stops her. I think he just doesn’t take her threats and attacks seriously.

  4. Bernadette says:

    Looks like Pirate just got an ear piercing!

  5. There’s an awful lot of that going on around here, too! Cleanest ears, ever 🙂

  6. Dianda says:

    Usyaka being sneaky!

  7. Anna says:

    This is definitely an aww moment 😉

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