In hiding. Not a standard post.

Pirate is sitting in a cat house

Usyaka the black oriental shorthair is sitting in a cat house

Pirate and Usyaka are doing great, but some of the homeless cats I take care of have serious problems. I could stay away from the blog, in order to wait for better times, but I decided to keep blogging. This means, though, that I will be speaking about what’s going on. I will always warn you about sensitive content beforehand. The following story is sad. Please, don’t read it if you are not ready. The end of the story will be also marked.

Sensitive content warning

A cat called Yolka lives near a cafe. I hoped to neuter her in September. Another cat called Osen’ sometimes walks on the square near the cafe, she’s neutered. Click here if you want to see the cafe on the map.
One night the owner of the cafe waited for me to go away. Then, believing that I could no longer see him, he started packing Yolka and her kitten into a box (Osen’ wasn’t there). We stopped him and freed the cats. He first lied that he was taking the cats to his faraway house (he has no faraway house), then he plainly told me he’d kill the cats if he catches them. Talking to that man didn’t help, he’s inadequate and hostile. I tried relocating the cats, but they returned. I stopped feeding them in their usual spot, as that’s how the guy got them – the cats were in their feeding spot. The only hope I have for these cats now is that their natural speed, their intellect and their cat god will help them. Osen’, for example, has already moved to another place by herself. At least a part of the day she spends in a new place. Yolka’s kitten, though, has disappeared. He was too young to walk away on his own.

For those who missed it: here, in Montenegro, there are no shelters, no government programs, no official organizations to protect animals. Very often cats are not treated like living beings at all. Many people will abuse a cat if they see one, and only few will try to help but will risk being abused themselves for doing that.

The end of sensitive content.

The following news is more positive. This is Hvostik, the tailless cat. Hvostik is homeless.
Street cat relaxing after TNR
Hvostik was neutered two weeks ago. I took some photos while she was recovering.
A fun artistic photo of a cat relaxing near the window

Hvostik is back to the streets.
Cute cat Hvostik looking through the window

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14 Responses to In hiding. Not a standard post.

  1. Bernadette says:

    Thank you for what you do–I almost feel lucky here that we at least have options for animals.

    • Alexandra says:

      Thank you, Bernadette! It’s shocking how absolutely not controlled the situation with street animals is here. Sometimes I no longer know if it’s a good or a bad thing. I mean, I have no idea what kind of control they would exercise if they tried.

  2. KrisDragun says:

    I volunteer at a shelter here in Canada, and we work to find all the stray cats loving homes – we are also a no kill shelter, which means we will not kill animals simply because there are too many or we feel they may be unadoptable at this time. My heart breaks for these poor animals, and I commend you on the work you are doing.

    • Alexandra says:

      I feel happy when I think about the animals you help. It’s uplifting to know there are people like you and countries that have whole systems to keep the process going. I wish you lots of power and luck in your work!

  3. You are doing such a tremendous job with the homeless cats, Alexandra, and you have my heartfelt best wishes always, and for them 🙂 its always great to see Usyaka and Pirate, and I’m sure everyone will appreciate seeing them, even if less often, through these difficult times, which hopefully will be better soon. Very best wishes, Victoria xx

  4. However negative much of what your report about animal welfare is with you, every small step you take to educate people and help the surviving cats is priceless.

    • Alexandra says:

      Thank you, guys! 🙂 I’m not sure, though, I do much work about educating people any more. I got much better in just choosing a position near a cat so that while the cat is eating, it can’t be harassed by a passerby. That proved to be much more practical, than education. I will though keep doing my best in helping the surviving cats.

  5. You are my favorite “Cat-Lady!” Keep fighting the good kitty fight!

  6. I wish I could bring Hvostik here.

    • Alexandra says:

      I wish that too 🙂 She’s adorable and amazing, and she’s totally a home type of cat. She stayed at our place twice already. She figured out the logic of every tiny detail in her new daily routine immediately, I’m not even talking about her understanding how to use the litter box straight away. She understood even more complicated things. When she stayed with us for a couple of weeks in winter, for example, we had to pack her in a carrier for the night, because it was easier to keep her warm this way. She figured out she couldn’t eat or use the toilet while in the carrier, so every time when she saw us preparing hot water bottles for her, she would do all her cat things; she would finish her food, drink enough water, use the toilet, wash herself and then would go and wait inside the carrier, so we just needed to place hot water bottles next to the carrier and close the door.
      Oh, she’s unbelievable, really 🙂 I can talk about her for ages.

  7. neegee says:

    That is so sad. Aw I feel for lost animals even if they are considered wild. It seems to me that they are lost even in a natural environment once man takes over.

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