And here we are! Again.

Usyaka and Pirate are fine.
Two cats closeup portrait

Well, quite fine.
Pirate the cat touches Usyaka's head

Two cats looking at each other

Sometimes Usyaka isn’t happy.
Usyaka is hissing

But Pirate is fine with that too.

Usyaka always wins.
Closeup portrait of the black cat

As for the homeless cats, I keep helping them. I feed them every day and take them to vets when they need it. Sometimes something sad happens, and sometimes it’s all right.

The evil cafe story didn’t develop any further. The cat called Osen chose a new place for herself, and Yolka hid in the bushes long enough for the evil cafe owner to lose interest in her. I neutered Yolka, so whatever happens in her life it should be easier for her now.

I also neutered two other cats who live near Hvostik.

How have you been? I feel excited to be back again 🙂

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16 Responses to And here we are! Again.

  1. Great to see you back ! 🙂 x

  2. Wonderful to see you back! Sounds like everyone is doing well and you’re managing to continue to help those lovely strays. Look forward to hearing more soon we hope.

  3. I was just thinking about you the other day – knew you were super busy so didn’t want to pester. My, Pirate is so much bigger than Ms Usyaka! Good thing her personality is enormous!

    • Alexandra says:

      Thank you for understanding! I guess the main thing here for me is just to start with anything, because when the information keeps coming and things keep happening I feel overwhelmed at the idea to write about it all straight away. Especially when something happens with the homeless cats, and something always happens there 🙂

      Pirate is huge! I don’t know if I influenced his growth somehow. I found him when he was 2 months old and I fed him good food twice a day ever since. I did the same to another kitten, Osen, who is the same age with him. She lives on the streets, and people keep telling me how huge she is. Thus, both kittens who got to me very young grew up to me very large cats. Other homeless cats who I feed were already grown-up when I found them, so they tend to grow only around their stomachs 🙂

      I’ve never known Usyaka’s so strong! She’s really brave. Pirate is so much larger but Usyaka is the real boss.

      • Good food can do that, especially for a baby who knows what it is like to be hungry. He’s a beauty, and I’m glad he knows she is the boss!

        I know that feeling…I have photos and stories from June I’ve never posted. But sometimes, like my post yesterday, I just do a small thing instead. It helps to try to stay in the habit! I sure don’t post daily any more.

        • Alexandra says:

          I hope I’ll post more regularly now, but daily is not possible for me either. At least, not now.

          As for the food, that would explain the coincidence, that both of the kittens I fed regularly grew up to be giants, although they are not siblings.

  4. C. Miley says:

    So happy to see Usyaka and her precious partner “Pirate” back to visit us. They’re looking great and are so entertaining together. And lest we forget, that expression on Usyaka’s face in that last shot, says it all. “I am “Usyaka”,and there is no finer cat than I am!

  5. sledpress says:

    Thank you from all of us who have soft hearts for what you do for the street cats.

    In various ways at different times and places I try to work for them too. In the US we have a group called “Alley Cat Allies” and I promote and support their work when I can.

    Pirate is simply huge and in every picture there I see that he is happy where he is. Hurray!

    • Alexandra says:

      Thank you for your support. It really helps to know that there are people who also find such work serious and worthwhile.

      I think I saw the site of that group you mentioned. I think I even find there some good advice on some basic things.

      Pirate does look happy to me too. In fact, he radiates content and happiness and it’s quite contagious. And when I’m happy he becomes even happier, and I’m happy when they are happy, so it’s a circle, really 🙂

  6. It is good to see you here again! I do love Pirate! You capture your cats’ personalities beautifully!

    • Alexandra says:

      Thank you very much! I love being back and I always hoped I’d return, especially when I saw your tweets in my feed, and every time they reminded me how much I missed the community 🙂

  7. Cats & Co says:

    Welcome back, A! 🙂

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