Hunting time!

two cats watching birds through the window

two cats looking straight

They can’t really catch them, but they use their imagination.

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36 Responses to Hunting time!

  1. Tom Duhamel says:

    They caught its head, it’s a got start!

  2. love the synchronised way they look together 😉 and Usyaka is so skinny next to Pirate ! 🙂

  3. I think your two look a bit like my two, now – does Usyaka ever walk under Pirate? Lokii does that to Spot, it is too funny.

    • Alexandra says:

      I’m trying to imagine what you mean and I’m laughing 😀 No, Usyaka doesn’t do that, but she sometimes flies over Pirate which makes him very surprised. He can’t jump as easily as Usyaka does.
      I think your two are still much friendlier to each other than mine are. Usyaka obviously needs Pirate. She doesn’t like it when he sleeps and she wants to play, so she keeps trolling him until he wakes up, and then they chase each other around the flat, but normally she can’t just be silly next to him, she prefers to race and to hunt.

      • Oh! Yes I saw it this morning: the two stand on our kitchen counter in the same small area (it is sooo overcrowded with stuff). Then they get excited about us being near, and swirl and talk and beg for attention. Then Lokii walks UNDER Spot to get closer to whatever he wants! It’s quite funny.

        Lokiiis also the troll! He will poke at Spot, and unless he gets a hiss back, it is either playtime or a battle, depending on their mood. I think a battle is also playtime, and unless it gets really vocal I let them have their fun.

        • Alexandra says:

          The same here, we stopped interfering in their common activities unless Usyaka screams with her bass voice or Pirate cries with his falsetto.

          It’s so funny about Lokii and Spot. I can clearly see that now. That says so much about Lokii’s personality

          • Oo, Lokii gets the deep growl on occasion, but it is always him that started it! And the same – Spot goes Hiiiiii pitched when he is angry. Too funny.

            I wish I could figure out how to post videos!

            • Alexandra says:

              Oh we have exactly the same here! Usyaka growls and Pirate does that very high-pitched sound. But he sometimes does it for no particular reason, just walks around and “sings” that’s when Usyaka usually decides it’s “eat Pirate!” time.

              You can post videos to youtube and then give a link here (Your Captain Obvious). I know there’s also a video in instagram now, but I understand nothing about it.

  4. neegee says:

    Oh my goodness it looks like my silly kitties. 🙂 That gave me a smile.

  5. sledpress says:

    When birds are in the holly bush outside the window, the Cute Engineer calls to my youngest cat “Agatha! Your favorite program is on!!!”

  6. Synchronised birding is always a pleasure to watch.

  7. Cats & Co says:

    Looks like the bird has no head! Hah!

    • Alexandra says:

      It’s because they imagined it so! Well, I think they did… The bird was just cleaning itself, and in order to do that properly it stuck its head somewhere so it totally disappeared from the view 😀

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