Let it be Caturday!

I want to have a Caturday in this blog! And as this blog is already one non-stop “Caturday”, a real Caturday post should be about MORE cats!

I decided to show you some of the homeless cats of Montenegro. I know it’s a potentially sad topic; these cats live in the streets, there’s no organisation to help them, and anything bad can always happen. But these cats are magical creatures with amazing personalities and the ability to enjoy their lives whenever they can, and so I think they are worth showing and talking about, and they deserve their Caturday.

Here are some pictures I managed to take while feeding them a couple of days ago.

This is Osen. Her name means “Autumn”, I called her that because of her colour.
beatiful cat eating on the street

Here she’s about to attack another kitten who dared to join. That’s why there’s no follow-up photo, I had to intervene.
The cat is about to hunt

That’s Yolka. Her name means a pine tree, although my friend thinks a name “Pear” would also suit her because of her pear shape. In this photo Yolka doesn’t yet realise it’s me behind the camera. Otherwise she’d have already been clinging to my leg or eating.
Street cat relaxing in the sun

And here she’s eating 🙂
A street cat is eating in a square

That’s Hvostik. She’s reading a message left by some other cat.
cat is sniffing a car

The message was surprising.
cat flehmen reaction

That’s Seraya, which means a grey one. She’s finished with her food.
cat licking

She’s never seen a camera before.
cat looking surprised at the camera

But she’s fine with it.
Cat stretching

cat rolls

The next two cats appeared only recently. I don’t see them regularly and don’t know much about them.

I call this one the Large Grey one, he’s the biggest cat I’ve ever seen. I even had my doubts he’s a usual cat and not some kind of a wild mountain creature that accidentally wondered into the town.
very large grey male cat

I call this one the Traveller, because I see her in different parts of the town. Here she’s next to a water bowl which I made of a plastic bottle.
street cat next to a water bowl

I wouldn’t call us close friends, but she, apparently, thinks we are.
street cat holding a human's knee and looking into the camera

I’ve known Osen, Yolka, Hvostik and Seraya for more than a year. All this time I’ve been feeding them and I took them to vets when problems happened. All four are neutered.

I think here is a good place of the post to leave a link to Usyaka online store. All the money I get from that shop I use to help the homeless cats of Montenegro.

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21 Responses to Let it be Caturday!

  1. colltales says:

    I really believe in the work you’re doing, Alexandra, and how important it is for people to realize how disastrous a sometimes innocent but unthoughtful gesture can cause to the fate of animals. Such as giving one as a gift at this time of the year, as so often happens, only giving it to the wrong person, who hasn’t really asked for and most likely will get rid of the poor thing at the first opportunity.
    Also, when people feed them in the streets instead of either take part in efforts to find the strays suitable homes, or simply avoiding to help increase an already terrible situation. There’s nothing nice about the kind of life strays and feral live on the streets, and how often miserable is their deaths.
    It’s bad enough that with all our love for them we too sometimes make mistakes and errors of judgement, and wind up having an extremely unhappy companion just for the sake of our own ego. But I know, there are mitigating circumstances that may help compensate for our vanity.
    Almost as inexcusable as being cruel to them, though, is to let the stray populations grow unhinged around the world in any way or form; we are all responsible for their fate. Thanks again. Wesley

    • Alexandra says:

      Thank you, Wesley. What did you mean when you wrote about errors of judgement or you meant it generally?
      I’m not sure I met a lot of people who cared about animals but wouldn’t like to find homes for them. Another thing is that finding a home is not always possible. Here, for example, having a pet is still considered a peculiar bizarreness of very few individuals.
      I noticed that to me this work has divided into a theory and actual reality. My reality often doesn’t match the theory so much it makes me giggle nervously. Like, for example, when I read theoretical instructions that if I find a stray kitten I should inform special services and in reality I know that no such service exists in the whole country.
      I know the theory that strays should be neutered and I myself try to follow this theory whenever it is possible, but I would be glad if local people started neutering, at least, their own pets instead of leaving kittens all over the city.
      Thus, I’m not sure how practical, in the global meaning, my work is. In a way, I’m trying to stop a tsunami with a spoon. I just do what I do, mainly because I can’t leave those who already got used to me (but I keep finding new ones in the process), and I don’t see any dramatical positive turn for the situation in the near future.

      • colltales says:

        Don’t be discouraged. What I meant is, even when people have the best of the intentions, they can do irremediable damage, by abandoning their pets, feeding strays and so on.
        You’re still doing much more than I and many many people are or should, so never mind the tsunami; you do what you can and try not to despair that it doesn’t seem to matter, ’cause it does, hopefully, in the long run.
        About the theory, you’re way farther than that, so let dogs bark while the caravan goes on, so to speak. They’ll talk, talk, talk, of course. You keep up the great work because it inspires us. Cheers

        • Alexandra says:

          Thank you for your support, Wesley.

          I understood that you believe that feeding strays is a bad thing, but I don’t understand why it could be considered a bad thing. I’m lucky that for some cats I can do a bit more than just feed them, but those people who just feed stray animals, do they, actually, make more harm? I don’t mean obvious cases when a person accumulates lots of dogs next to a public place, and then dogs start attacking people (happens here).

          But in general, it’s food any way, without it an animal would be hungrier and weaker, it will find something else to eat, which might be dangerous, so the animal will become even more miserable.

          I met this notion before, that strays should be fed, but I could never find any explanation as to why.

          • colltales says:

            Yeah, you have a point and I don’t think there’s right or wrong per se about this issue. The humane angle is always a strong point and I wouldn’t put anybody down for feeding animals, however they are.
            But what I meant is what happens in most cities where a lot of people feel good about themselves feeding pigeons, for instance, and there’s an explosion in their population, but are not interested in any effort to take a comprehensive view of their problem.
            There’s no black and white here, and I don’t mean to be a troll about that. I just wanted to congratulate you and now I find myself sliding into this slippery slope hahaha. So sorry. I’ll leave the floor for people with stronger opinions to have their say. I’m spent… Thanks for allowing me to vent a bit in your space though. All the best.


  2. I am so glad you do what you can to help the homeless cats, Alexandra, and truly believe you are making a difference, beyond what you immediately do – for instance I can say for an absolute fact that your work has touched people here in UK, and more, actually made them help homeless cats/animals. I think you are more like the theory of a butterflys wings causing consequences in far away lands – in a good way ! so please know that you make a difference to the cats you help, and to other cats, elsewhere 🙂 x

  3. I do believe in what you do Alexandra, and reading Wesleys comments, it can all get complicated 🙂 but for me, I don’t like to think of any creature starving on the streets and if I were a homeless cat or kitten, I would be so grateful if someone fed or cared for me. Please take heart that you have a great deal of support 🙂

  4. FeyGirl says:

    THANKS for all you do, and your sweet love for our fellow creatures… We have an incredibly bad situation where I live as well, and I’ve been TNRing and helping feed — but there are others who do an incredible amount more. Love is love, and we certainly could use more like you for those who need help.

    • Alexandra says:

      Thank you, FeyGirl! I’m now curious what place you were referring to and what the situation is like 🙂 If you feel like sharing it, you can write about it here in the comments or email me at sasha.zakharova@gmail.com . I’m just interested in all information about this sphere and the way things are for cats in other places.
      I haven’t met other people who TNR street cats here. Before I started doing it I knew only one person, a vet, who neutered her cat, all other pet owners opted not to. Later, some other pet owners chose to neuter their cats too, but still they are in minority. We have 3 or 4 dog shelters around the country but they don’t have good reputation. That’s all.

      • FeyGirl says:

        What you have to contend with is FAR GREATER than anything I can imagine… But with everything you do, you bring education + help to the voiceless! So much love to you for that.

        I live in South Florida, an area known for its out-of-control feral cat situation (even dogs and horses). BUT… The good news is that there are so many wonderful people who are doing all they can to help: TNR, feed, etc. All on their own dime. Organizations and non-profits have even begun to spring from their efforts. Many aren’t ferals, but abandoned animals: Strays. So they really are at the mercy of the streets, starving. But again, on the bright side… Without the efforts of such amazing individuals and groups, these beautiful and wonderful animals would be forgotten. More and more attention is being brought to them. ♥

  5. Cats & Co says:

    You’re doing an amazing job Alexandra. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 🙂 We have your back!

  6. derrycats says:

    Thank you for caring for these kitties. We are providing trap/neuter/return and vaccinations for all the feral/community cats in our own community…and it is a lot of work. So thank you for what you’re doing for your cats!

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