Usyaka and an opened drawer

1.Oriental Shorthair cat Usyaka is sitting next to an opened drawer in the beautiful light from the window

2.Cat with her head in the drawer

3.Oriental Shorthair is jumping over the drawer

4.Usyaka the black oriental shorthair cat is looking into the drawer with her head in the drawer

5.The cat is searching the drawer with her paw

6.The cat found a mouse

7. Look at that crazy shadow!Crazy photo of the Oriental Shorthair sticking her tongue out in the shadow of the tongue

8.Usyaka the Oriental Shorthair cat jumping in a diagonal line from the opened drawer

9.The black cat arching her back with her head in the drawer

10.Cat looking funny standing up and holding a drawer like a human

11.Black Oriental Shorthair cat Usyaka in the natural pink light looking into the camera

12.Cat dropping a toy mouse from her mouth

13.Oriental Shorthair cat Usyaka portrait in natural light

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16 Responses to Usyaka and an opened drawer

  1. Miss Nosey Pants triumphs!

  2. Wow wow no. 7! Her tongue caught in shadow! That is just the coolest.

  3. sledpress says:

    That is the best photo essay I think I have ever seen!

  4. Usyaka is practically human. I love her expressions!

  5. mbavaresco says:

    Aelxandra, the shadowยดs pictures are so beautiful and awesome!
    Kisses to Usyaka!

  6. Tom Duhamel says:

    Usyaka is gorgeous! I like that shadow!

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