Another Caturday with homeless cats

Another Caturday is here, which means it’s another day devoted to cat photos. In the cat photo blog, Caturday is not only about more cats, it’s about special cats, the homeless cats of Montenegro.

This is Khromonozhka. Her name describes her bad paw. Her paw was already like that when I met her. She limps when she walks, but she can still run very quickly.
A cat with a bad paw sitting next to a tree

Khromonozhka is an old soul. She is wise, kind, understanding and forgiving. She’s attentive to all words and gestures. Khromonozhka was neutered in October.
Black and white cat closeup

Sensitive content: After the operation the vets showed me a small bullet they extracted from her shoulder. It must have been there for some time. The end of sensitive content.

That’s Katooshka. His name was composed from a word that means “to roll”,
A large cat next to a car

because he first stretches
A cat stretches on a path

and then he rolls.
A cat rolls over on a path

Katooshka prefers cuddles to food. He’s so affectionate he basically doesn’t walk but stretches and rolls to the feeding place when he sees me. I’m limited in my resources, so Katooshka hasn’t been fixed yet, but I managed to take him to vets when his foot was injured.

Can you see a cat here?
Cat hiding in bushes

Here you can take a closer look.
Cat sitting upright

That’s the gigantic grey beast I already posted about. He’s new so we don’t know each other very well. He’s the largest cat I’ve ever seen.
Cat crossing a path

He quickly learned that I’m a source of food, so he uses his tiny kitten voice to ask me for some.
Cat with his mouth open near the camera

Hvostik the tailless cat came to play
Cat plays on the street

and to boss about.
Cat walking outside

In her life of a neutered cat these are the two hobbies she enjoys the most. Everybody listens to Hvostik, even the gigantic grey beast does.

The kittens in the next photo are not from those that I regularly feed. A shop assistant set up that cardboard shelter for them next to her shop. She also feeds them.
Cats in a box

This photo shows that kindness to animals, although rare, still happens here, on the streets of Montenegro.

The previous posts about the homeless cats of Montenegro are:
Let it be Caturday!
Homeless cats stories

More information about the situation with homeless cats in Montenegro is here.

The shop that sells products with photos of Usyaka in order to raise money for homeless cats of Montenegro is here. All money I get from the shop goes to help those cats.

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23 Responses to Another Caturday with homeless cats

  1. derrycats says:

    Wonderful pictures – thank you for sharing them with us!

  2. Oh I do love the big male! Especially him talking to you like that. Thank you for your good work.

  3. Bernadette says:

    They are all beautiful! Thank you for helping them, and I hope your leadership encourages others to help other cats and other animals in need.

    • Alexandra says:

      Thank you, Bernadette! I’m not sure if I encourage or provoke others, I think it’s often both and many people still stay indifferent. Anyway, I can’t control it.

  4. colltales says:

    I want them all. Thanks for these.

  5. C. Miley says:

    Alexandra, Beautiful work! “The Homeless Cat’s of Montenegro”. Maybe a book with these photo’s and what you wrote under each of them, plus your others. It most certainly could move many to help, and educate others, where it is badly needed.. Plus show off your beautiful Montenegro. Merry Christmas to an angel.

    • Alexandra says:

      Thank you, Carol! I rarely took photos of those cats and almost never showed them here. I used to think it could upset people. Now I enjoy showing their photos, talking about them. I think that these cats deserve attention, even though their stories can be sad. So right now I don’t know where else it will lead me to. It might very well lead me to creating a book about them one day, who knows 🙂
      Merry Christmas! 🙂

  6. Wonderful to meet more of your lucky cats and to see others caring for them too. Well done you and here’s to you being able to do more in 2014.

  7. The great gray beast is MASSIVE!

    • Alexandra says:

      He is! He also used to keep his distance, although it was obvious from the beginning that he could learn some communication from people, like he was watching for signs very carefully and learned very quickly what some basic movements or words meant. But he never came close until yesterday, when he came up and brushed against my leg! First I tried not to breath in order not to scare him away. He was definitely enjoying it. When I tried to bend down to him he became uncomfortable, but when I sat down next to him, so that I wasn’t much taller any more, he was fine. I stroked him for the first time and that was really cute. It was obvious he didn’t fully understand what was going on, but he loved it.
      I feel like I tamed a tiger. 😀

  8. Amanda says:

    People like you, who help animals in need, give me hope for this world. Thank you for all that you do.

  9. FeyGirl says:

    BEAUTIFUL, sensitive creatures, each and every one. Thanks SO much for all the care and love you give them — such kindness gives light to the world.

  10. fascinating, and great to see some new faces, and hear about their characters. Heart-warming 🙂

  11. Cats & Co says:

    They are beautiful!

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