Caturday time!

Caturday is the time when I blog about homeless cats of Montenegro.

This is Tarzan. I called him that because he can eat and sleep in the trees as naturally as on the ground.
Tarzan the black and white street kitten relaxing in the bushes

He basically grew up under cars, too scared to come out. I would leave food near a car and step away so he could stick his head out and eat. I was able to fish him out there once after about half an hour hunt in the rain, his leg was badly injured so he needed vets’ attention. It’s funny to think about it now when Tarzan literally never lets met go. He has to always touch me; when I walk he tries to grab my shoe, when I sit he crawls up onto my lap. He’ll always find a way to make himself comfortable next to me.
Cat that lives on the streets relaxes on a human foot

Tarzan has a problem with his right eye. I’m treating it with a special cream that vets believe might help.
Street kitten Tarzan walking away from the camera

This is Zeleni, a.k.a Pacman. Zeleni means a green one. Local people gave him this name. Apparently, they think he is green.
Grey cat on a tree closeup portrait

We call him Pacman because unless restrained he eats all food around, kibble after kibble.
Grey cat outside on a tree looking at the camera

Zeleni is not a typical homeless cat, because, in theory, he is not homeless at all. He was born in the streets and spent some time there, but then he was taken to live with a family. In reality, though, he spends all his time with Tarzan and even sleeps on parking lots at night.
Street kitten looking up in the sky from the tree he is sitting in

This is Sauron.
Kitten walking down a dark car with the orange reflection over it

I called her Sauron because of the eye-like pattern that her stripes form on her side. (I haven’t managed to take a proper photo of that yet.) Sauron appeared only a few days ago, at night. I told her to stay where she was, and that if she did I’d take care of the rest. And so she stayed.
Street kitten climbing up the tree

Sauron is still too emotional to simply eat when I bring food. She needs lots of cuddles and reassurance to go with her meal. If I leave too abruptly she calls for me so loudly that all cats in the area turn to the sound trying to figure out what’s going on.

This is Ryzhaya, which means an orange one. She joined us about two months ago.
Orange cat is sitting outside in front of a parked car

She didn’t look too healthy so I took her to vets. They didn’t find anything wrong with her except for the sore throat. She received antibiotics and a hormonal injection to prevent her from going into heat as I can’t neuter her now.
Orange cat walking on the crass near the camera

Khromonozhka, the cat that limps, is watching strangers.
Two street cats outside with one looking carefully at the distance

Models on their lunch break.
Three cats are eating outside on a parking lot

Previous stories about the homeless cats of Montenegro are:
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More information about the situation with homeless cats in Montenegro is here.

The shop that sells products with photos of Usyaka in order to raise money for homeless cats of Montenegro is here. All money I get from the shop goes to help those cats.

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6 Responses to Caturday time!

  1. David says:

    They’re all such beautiful cats.

  2. Incredible what regular food and attention can bring. Is the weather as good as it looks in the photos? They are doubly lucky if that is so šŸ˜‰

    • Alexandra says:

      That’s what I thought the other day, how these cats flourish just from good regular food and some attention. This is incredible.

      This December has been a fairy tale. It’s been sunny most of the days, with temperatures rising up to +20C. It’s colder at nights, but still quite bearable. Of course, it’s not always like that. There can be really strong winds, rains, hail. Bad weather here goes to the same extremes as good weather does. But so far, this winter has been a blessing.

  3. derrycats says:

    Wonderful pictures and stories!

  4. Amanda says:

    They are all so beautiful and sweet. I adore reading your posts about these kitties…
    Of course, I love Usyaka and Pirate posts too šŸ™‚

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