After holidays

Two cats relaxing near a christmas tree

Usyaka the Oriental Shorthair is sharpening her nose while the cat called Pirate is looking at her

Two cats are near the christmas tree while one is rolling and another one is relaxing

The black Oriental Shorthair is rolling on the post

Usyaka the Oriental Shorthair cat is rolling on her post while Pirate the cat is relaxing and looking at her

Two cats are lying next to a Christmas tree and looking at each other

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5 Responses to After holidays

  1. I love Pirate and his complete lack of dignity. And Usyaka trying to out-do him. Wonderful!

  2. Dancing kitties! Seems they are both break dancing – do they like hip-hop? Hehehe

  3. C. Miley says:

    What a precious couple. They compliment each other beautifully!

  4. sledpress says:

    Pirate really knows how to chill out. I realize he’s in the foreground, but — he’s still HUGE.

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