Windy Caturday

It’s windy today and it’s cold. The Sun appeared just once only to perform a hasty sunset. Still, some of the homeless cats of Montenegro managed to pose, so here are the results.

Tailless cat Hvostik finished her lunch,
Street tailless cat showing her tongue

so she’s looking for somebody to boss around.
Street cat eating dry food outside

Osen is visiting a place she grew up in.
Cat walking outside

She left that area several months ago just in time to protect herself from the evil cafe owner.
Beautiful cat in the palm trees

I met Osen before I had any plans or ideas about the homeless cats of Montenegro. Pirate was the first one. Osen joined him later that month, which means I’ve known her since July 2012.
Cat portrait

We have a very long and eventful history.
Street cat stretching

I noticed that kitten near a cafe’s kitchen. I try to never show any cat related activities around such places in order not to provoke the personnel. Until recently it seemed I had no stories to tell about that kitten.
Street kitten mews

A couple of nights ago it was really nasty outside, so when I saw him there again, I called him. That’s when a strange thing happened. Just like a typical feral kitten he ran, hiding under cars. What was not typical is that he ran towards me. It was a unique behaviour; feral cats run away or hide and wait to see what I want from them, cats that trust people come close easily without the need to hide under cars. I was surprised when he asked for cuddles, but I think it was when he raised his head that I realised who I was looking at.
Little street kitten hiding on a car wheel

This is the photo I took with my phone (hence the quality) of a homeless kitten I used to take care of in September 2013. When he appeared he was even younger than in that photo. I never thought he’d make it. In fact, I thought he didn’t. I fed him kitten milk and food for a couple of months, made shelters of cut 5 litre bottles (he fitted in comfortably), but then he disappeared.

There were many versions of what might have happened to him, most of which weren’t optimistic. Somehow the version that he simply moved to the opposite side of that complexly constructed building never came up. I’m almost sure that’s the same kitten. And I’m sure not because of his appearance, which I didn’t pay attention to at all when I first saw him near that kitchen, but because of the feeling I had when he looked up, that unexplainable recognition.
picture comparison about the kitten

This is an awesome miracle story which will serve me as a perfect reminder that while bad things happen despite all my effort, good things can happen too, even without the effort.

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More information about the situation with homeless cats in Montenegro is here.

The shop that sells products with photos of Usyaka in order to raise money for homeless cats of Montenegro is here. All money I get from the shop goes to help those cats.

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2 Responses to Windy Caturday

  1. derrycats says:

    It is such hard work caring for the homeless kitties…thanks for helping them,

  2. What a wonderful and unlikely story!

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