Previous life photos

These photos have been waiting to be published for a while. First, they were new, but they gradually became old. I still want to show them, they are fun, they are about Pirate and Usyaka, they remind me that there were the days when the life was different, and when all the horrific reality of homeless cats in Montenegro was efficiently distorted through thick rose-tinted glasses.

It was Pirate’s first Christmas tree this year.
the cat sitting next to christmas tree

He loved it,
Cat munching on a Christmas tree

especially, when it was horizontal.
Cat next to a fallen Christmas tree

Usyaka disapproved,

but Pirate thought it’s fine.
The cat sitting next to a christmas tree that he dropped

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5 Responses to Previous life photos

  1. derrycats says:

    Wonderful photos and story – thanks for starting my day off well!

  2. great to see Pirate enjoying his first christmas tree, with Usyaka, and heart-warming to think he now has a safe,loving home, no longer on the street. Beautiful photos 🙂 x

  3. Ms U just has to shake her lovely head as his kitten antics! Thank you for sharing- I know you must feel pressure to save them all, and probably like me feel guilt that you have a purebred when so many ‘just cats’ are suffering. Don’t. Purebred end up in shelters, too – when the country cares enough to have them, that is.

  4. Although strictly lacking the absolute beauty of Usyake, Pirate really does have the most wonderful markings on his face. Very photogenic too.

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