Da hunter

Cat hiding under cover

Cat attacking a toy under cover

Cat licking the toy from under cover

Cat munching on his toy

Happy Caturday everybody!

Here’s my Caturday post about homeless cats of Montenegro which can explain what kept me busy and away from regular blogging.

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5 Responses to Da hunter

  1. Good to have you back. I love your photographs.

  2. colltales says:

    Oh, the dangerous, wicked beast, out to get us all… He’s really trying hard to beat Usyaka in the popularity contest. In doubt, I’d choose them both. Congrats on your work in Montenegro, btw. Cheers

  3. Miley says:

    Am really enjoying your recent photos of these two. It appears that Usyaka has taught Pirate how to enjoy the camera like she does. Beautiful work Alexandra!

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