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Elephant hunt.


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Rolling with a fish.

A fish? Yes, a fish. Again, we don’t have any Christmas decoration ready yet, so it’s going to be just Usyaka rolling with a fish, this way, and that way. Happy holidays to all of you! 🙂

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Morning fitness for Usyaka.

Stretch up, a crazy dance, stretch to the side, jump, train the tail, fly!

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Handmade toys.

One of our feral friends (and my most favorite feral cat) loves toys. So today I was making toys for him, and Usyaka was test-driving them.            And another one. I’ll make some toys for Usyaka … Continue reading

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A portrait with the old friend.

I see you remember our old friend, the Pink Dog. So, here’s the portrait of those two.

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This is Usyaka near her new scratching post. As you can see, it’s asymmetrical, which turned out to be rather dangerous. It is not stable enough. Usyaka once overturned it, and hurt her foot quite badly. She’s now fine. I … Continue reading

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Bubbling fish hunt.

It’s always more fun when the fish is covered. That’s why Usyaka covers it and performs the usual crash test. The nails. Posing with the trophy.

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Mr. Bee!

Hi there, Mr. Bee! Prepare to play! For some reason she was very determined to climb up with Mr. Bee. She was really focused on the task. Maybe it’s easier to munch on Mr. Bee this way. Picking up his … Continue reading

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The pink fluffy ribbon from Jimmie Chew.

Usyaka sees the ribbon. She attacks it and munches on it. Some after hunt bird watching.

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Mr. Bee Long legs with Bells thought he was safe.

But he wasn’t. Munching on the long leg. Some after hunt pedicure. And here comes some important information for the readers. I haven’t been too happy with WordPress for a while, mainly because of unexpected and uncontrollable changes they tend … Continue reading

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