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The tongue!

Yes, for almost 2 minutes, but it gets a bit more lively in the end. Some of you probably haven’t seen the video where Usyaka gets her toy out of a closed drawer. You can see it here. You can … Continue reading

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Today we are showing you a video from our archives. Usyaka is two years old here. Please make sure your sound is OFF, unless you like really crazy music.

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Hunting the green friend.

Sometimes long green flies visit our flat. They do nothing, just sit on walls and get bored. Here Usyaka noticed one. Don’t worry, no green friends were injured. This one was saved, picked up from the floor and brought out … Continue reading

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Sharpening the nose. Video.

I once showed you a picture where Usyaka is sharpening her nose. She does it every morning with the blinds’ string. Here’s the video of Usyaka doing just the same with a toy’s string.

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The return of the laser cat.

You probably remember our first laser cat video. Well, here’s the second one. Another awesome video, which some of you have already seen, is here. It shows Usyaka getting her toys out of the drawer.

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Laser cat.

Do you remember the lady who made that cool drawing of Usyaka? Well, I saw a post in her blog where her cat had really crazy laser eyes. Here’s her post . She said all cats get eyes like … Continue reading

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The blog is one month old!

On a special day like this we decided to share a video with you. Here’s the background story. There are some toys which Usyaka can play with only when supervised (otherwise the toys become preys all too quickly and can … Continue reading

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