Phone photos

I have very helpful cats. Usyaka wants to help me with whatever I do, Pirate wants to help Usyaka help me. That’s why I can sometimes lose precious moments for a photo, because when I go to fetch the camera, Usyaka goes to fetch it with me, while Pirate goes to fetch us both and something else on the way.

That’s when it’s better to use my phone camera. Of course, I miss the capacity of serious optics, but I’d better miss that than a beautiful moment for a photo.

So here they are, the photos taken with a phone.
Oriental Shorthair sitting in sunlight

Oriental Shorthair sitting like an Egyptian cat

Black cat in a beautiful pose

Big cat Pirate joins Usyaka

One cat looks at the other cat

Usyaka strikes a pose.
Egyptian cat

Pirate licks his belly.
Funny cat licking his belly

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Black Oriental Shorthair cat looking down portrait

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Cats and boxes

Oriental Shorthair black cat Usyaka is sitting on a box with her long front paws down

Usyaka sitting with her head turned sideways

The black cat found something under the box she's sitting on

Usyaka sitting on the box looking sideways

And here’s Pirate using the box.
Pirate the ex homeless cat is on his box

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Looking in the same direction

Black oriental shorthair and a one eyed ex homeless cat are sitting on a table outside the room and looking in the same direction

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Posing for a portrait

Photograph of two cats who live together and now are posing for a portrait with one cat sitting near a box and another one on a red rag that's covering the box

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Pirate wants to play

Cats playing high up on a cat scratcher

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Yawning competition

cat yawns wide

Black cat yawning

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Cat and the sea

A lone cat is sitting on a box outside and is looking at the sea

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My beauty

Oriental Shorthair cat lying next to a window

Professional cat photography of a black cat

Professional photo of exotic black cat

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Da hunter

Cat hiding under cover

Cat attacking a toy under cover

Cat licking the toy from under cover

Cat munching on his toy

Happy Caturday everybody!

Here’s my Caturday post about homeless cats of Montenegro which can explain what kept me busy and away from regular blogging.

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