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Featured blogs on Mondays.

Illustration! When it comes to illustration Usyaka loves pencils most of all. Different pencils. Pencils stuck in the sofa she appreciates a lot too. She likes it when I draw bugs for her. The bugs can be touched and sniffed. … Continue reading

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Cats’ cubism and the sun.

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A drawing.

Do you remember this photo? It’s on our About page. The author of the blog recently made a drawing based on that photo. It’s so cool, isn’t it?

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A mystical photo.

I was taking pictures of bottles in sunlight when Usyaka decided to join. I started taking pictures of Usyaka when her other human decided to join. The two shadows and one Usyaka composed the following shot.

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Cat geometry.

A rectangle. An oval.

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-Usyaka, look, I’ve got a mouse! Guess, who’s got the mouse now?

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Cat god.

“Human, look! I’m talking to a cat god.” No, you are not. It’s your own shadow, I’m holding a mirror under your seat.

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Featured blogs on Mondays.

Lizards! Yes, dinosaurs are probably too big to be called lizards, but technically they are still lizards. Anyway, this toy dinosaur is the only toy we’ve got that is similar to a lizard. Why do we need a toy that … Continue reading

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Her majesty reflected.

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The black cat.

While so many people are getting ready to celebrate the holiday, we never happened to celebrate, we decided to help them with the black cat photo, hoping it will create the right atmosphere.

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